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The computer mastermind has chosen a secret code. Can you crack the code before you run out of guesses?
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Games $1.99 Optime Software LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Guess the Code Pro is the best codebreaker game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Your iPhone chooses a sequence of colors and you must try to guess the sequence within a specific number of guesses.

Guess the Code Pro incorporates a host of exciting features, including:

* Awesome graphics and fun sound effects
* Configurable difficulty levels
* "Use Letters" mode for colorblind players
* Support for codes with repeated colors and empty spaces
* Automatic save when you exit the app or receive a phone call

Guess the Code Pro is 100% ad-free.

If you are a fan of Mastermind, Bulls and Cows, or Vault Breaker, this is the game for you!


Please Note: The result pegs do not correspond directly to the guess pegs. The result pegs tell you the number of guess pegs that are in the right position or are the right color, but not which ones. The code does not change over the course of the game and it is definitely possible to figure out the code in the number of guesses allotted.


Good, but needs variety

If you like mastermind, you’ll enjoy the game. It’s the classic game with three levels of difficulty. It’s easy to play, and gives you a nice workout with logic. My only wish is that there was some sort of occasional challenge or competition.

Excellent game of logic

Works well, simple, challenging, customizable. Good value.

Fun to cheat with bug
Hokie Pokie 5742

Great game. But w bug, here is how to cheat and stump friend. The bug is, when you know the answer, click ok but then click NEW as fast as you can. Now on the next game most of the answers are revealed if you scroll up. The faster you click, the more you see. Haha. Drives friends batty when I guess code in 3 moves on hardest level.

Guess the code

No other game beats this one for brain exercise. Naturally either different choices, such as allowing empty box or multiple of empty boxes and allowing repeat same color in the hidden code etc gives you to develop some strategy to win the game. I first played this game in 1973. At that time it was played on a small board that had in the middle some kind of paper wall so that you can see the code. So you needed 2 persons. One for building the code and also tell the other person how may are the color pegs that are part of the hidden code and how many are in right place and how many are in wrong place. One has to solve it in 12 turns else person looses. I found this game to be addictive in a sense that are 100s of way to play so that you could win No doubt for me this game is great and deserves 5 stars. Imagine I started playing when I was 32 and now I am 81 years old.


A fun, quick diversion - not too hard to win but does require a little thought and helps keep deductive reasoning skills sharp. Definitely worth the 99cent upgrade from the free version.

Fun to play!

Exercises my deductive abilities.

So glad I found this!!!

I have always loved the colored peg code-guessing game Mastermind, but often had a hard time finding someone to play against. This game rocks!!!


Love it. Just like Mastermind.

Simple, keeps you sharp

Many other games are more complex. This one is simple and keeps you coming back.


I always enjoyed Mastermind and this is just as good. Also mot havong to find someone to play against is great.