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Hungry? Good. Because that’s what we’re here for. We offer free ordering for delivery or pickup from more than 30,000 restaurants in 800+ cities. Just search by address or current location, find what you’re hungry for, order and enjoy. So, that’s easy. Maybe too easy. We don’t know, but we hope so. #marketing
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- Menus, reviews, restaurant information and free ordering from, actually, we already said this: over 30,000 restaurants nationwide.

- Search by cuisine, menu item or specific restaurant and filter restaurants hours, reviews, coupons, etc.

- Pay with cash, credit or PayPal. And if you’re into those last two, you can save your info so you don’t have to enter that stuff more than once.

- Use your current location or enter an address to find nearby takeout spots.

- Save your addresses to order even faster from the places you frequent.

- Track your orders with our not-so-cleverly-named Track Your Grub feature.

- Past orders are saved so you can reorder in a few taps. Pizza, pizza.

- User research told us coupons and discounts are always appreciated, so we have those.

Did we already mention we’re in more than 800 cities? You know, like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Hartford, Atlanta, Denver, Miami, Phoenix, Seattle and… however many more it takes to get to 800+. We just listed a handful for SEO.



HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE DO NOT CLICK ON GRUB HUB REFERAAL LINK IT IS SPAM!!! The code I recieved didn’t work and customer service walks around issuing the first order discount. DOOR DASH is Way better... I AM A Real Customer.......

Always so terrible

These food apps are always overpriced and terrible customer service. I tried the Grubhub+ for a week my experience was missing food, and late orders, and orders that flat out never arrived. The experience using the app was by far the worst of all the food apps and when I reached out to customer service it was so bad I canceled Grubhub+ on the spot.

Cold food. Arrives late all the time

Food is never here in time. Always arrives cold. Never ordering again with these ppl. Gave it too many chances


Ordered food on Mother’s Day because I didn’t want to cook and I didn’t want my mom to cook either. One hour later I received a call from the restaurant that my food had not been picked up. I texted the driver he said he was on his way. 30 minutes later I called the driver, no answer. The restaurant called back and said my food was ready. At this point the whole family is upset. I called the driver again and he is not picking up the food. This was the worst experience. DON’T USE GRUB HUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Late order, no recomp

After being told by a representative that our driver was waiting in the restaurant and we would receive a promo code to make up for delayed delivery, we did not receive a promo code and discovered that the driver was going in the opposite direction. We had to call the restaurant and have them hand the order to a different driver.

Won’t be using Grubhub again

I’ve ordered from Grubhub three times, and every single time there’s been something wrong with my order. I first placed an order in early January of 2020, and they completely cancelled the transaction and delivery randomly, with no explanation. Then I ordered a couple of weeks later, and my food came cold after a 30 minute wait, and I was missing my chips. Finally, I decided to give them a try again in May 2020 to see if they’ve improved, and they haven’t. This time they continuously pushed back the delivery time, to the point where the restaurant closed. I never got my food, and my transaction was voided. DoorDash and UberEats are much better.

Always wrong or missing items

I have never had a successful order. Always items missing and the order is wrong. No accountability for driver or restaurant. Just go to the store. Don’t ware your time. Salem NH

Used to be better

Grubhub/seamless/eat24 used to be much better, but they seem to be going down this copycat path of trying to emulate UberEats and Postmates. I don’t think they realize that what made them good was the business model prior and that despite UberEats number of users it really is not a good platform evidenced by anyone seeing a meme or commentary on twitter or other platforms. It’s sad because they were my default, but these days I find myself just trying to go to a business directly and circumventing these commission hoarders. If they do decide to go back in the original direction, I’ll be back.

Awesome Service

Great service and delivery.......follows directions well......

Upset customer
Dee Gotti 816

The taxes and delivery fees are ridiculous and everytime I order from grubhub my food is cold

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