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Goon School 2-player puzzle

Goon School is a 2-player party game - challenge friends with word games, pictograms and more. Or play by yourself in single-player mode. All of Goon School's puzzle packs share a simple gameplay mechanic - remove a tile to solve the puzzle. And do it before the other player does.
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Games Free Zebu Communications Private Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

With multiple packs, such as Word Hopper, Woerd Search, and Hieroglyphix, Goon School provides a number of variants, each with a wide range of words, pictograms or math puzzles for numerous rounds of competitive play. You can choose from a variety of goon avatars to play each pack, for endless rounds of fun.

+ Local multiplayer game
+ Unique game mechanic with top view
+ Selectable goons with distinctive styles
+ Variety of puzzle packs - words, math, pictograms
+ Puzzles of varying difficulty levels
+ Powerup for freezing gameplay
+ Multiple background themes & fun music
+ Single player mode against adaptive IA

Music & Sound
Kevin MacLeod

Davor Ratkovic


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