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R.D. Bowen



Ravikiran Alagandula

It’s the best app ever as a search engine, but I wish google would give you something interesting to search; instead of us searching for everything.

Four Stars

Kitth tand friends

I like it! But I won’t give it Five stars. I don’t know why it’s just it needs a cool update I mean I know it’s only a website and not a game but still! And I don’t get why you have to be under 17 why not under 14 or something oh well

John Bauder

Insaine white boy 2020

I have never had any problems with Google search engine

Outstanding place in Cienfuegos Cuba


Camilas hostal was the most beautiful peaceful place to stay, arrive to pure beauty. It was easy to find not far from center of Cienfuegos center and close to other attractions. The best of it all was being welcomed by Alejandro getting our accommodation, while explaining everything very thoroughly also very helpful with recommendations. Top it off with the restaurant, very delicious affordable prices, great beverages, outstanding service peaceful by the water. I highly recommend this stay at Camilas hostal in Cienfuegos, I must say a return. Jeanie



Keeps giving me a virus!

New update ruined gps choices


When clicking on directions on any address pulled up on google app. It will only open up properly with google maps. When I click on a address or directions to open up with Apple maps it no longer opens up the address in Apple maps like before. So now I have to copy and paste every time.

Find on page tool


The “find on page” tool does not work anymore. Please fix it

Bad update

Former A student!

Since update when I googled something then get directions it now makes me jump through hoops to get it done! Not happy!

Calif girl

Diego girl

It was time to get my car from New Jersey to California. I couldn’t be happier with their service. From the phone call/estimate to text to keep me updated and the final price was very reasonable