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Google maps, good. Not google maps, not good.

Photos are not loading properly

Mju 2356789

I was just exploring different places such as London in Google Maps, and noticed that user and company submitted photos are pixelated. The photos will load in their highest non pixelated forms, but for some reason degrade to pixels right away. It’s not my WiFi, because my speeds are great. I also checked using cellular data, and the problem still persist.



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Thanks for this wonderful app.


Thanks for this wonderful app I’m over sixty yrs old. I spoke with my phone. And Pedro never gets lost anymore 👍🏻thanks again.

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cyn wil

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Getting worse each week


I use google map all the time and I noticed it’s getting worse every week. It take forever to figure out what direction you are driving from a stop. Now I’m at a stop light and it reroutes me for no reason. It doesn’t take me to the exact location for residential homes but like a block away. I’m shocked to see I have to start using Apple map now for some location. Yeah I said it Apple map 😱. Apple map doesn’t have all the bells and whistles but at least it it can locate me more accurately than google maps has lately. Fix it!!



很好很準確 但在路名的顯示不是很完整. 我常常需要zoom in and out 希望能看到街名.



I really like using my google maps, it’s a lot more accurate than my iPhone map on my phone and has more details.


player 13653

This is the best map I highly recommend this it’s better than apples map because this one just asks for location the other one asks where you wanna go this is why I would recommend you guys should download this is 100 times better than Waze not that you could see the accident in google map you can report an issue in apple map it doesn’t have that feature this is why I use google maps than any other navigation apps because this is the best.

Great app


I always need this app