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Google Maps - Transit & Food is free iOS app published by Google LLC

Update made app worthless


Used to use google maps exclusively. Now when searching for a location on my browser and clicking the directions icon it opens up my App Store to download the app even though it’s already downloaded and running on my phone. It won’t load the location that I clicked on in my web browser like it used to and once I finally enter a new destination the app freezes. Time to give Google the boot.

Saved location data is lost! ! !


Saved location data is lost! ! !

Keep your location on the turn by turn on the low center of the screen


Keep your location on the turn by turn on the low center of the screen when turn screen horizontally.

Best creation ever made


Thank yo fo these.lot of help when it’s need it, thank you to everyone ever made

Google Maps


Good maps get me anyplace

Old date


Most of your photography is over 6 years old. Not interested

Speed limit

ex toll guru lover

Speed limit sign is hidenn behind eta bar in landscape mode.

Oil change


Texas express lube aunt Auto are punctual on there game will come back.

Can’t see the speed limit.

Check Klein

Need some padding for media size iPad.

Mad it doesn’t show speed limit


This app use to show show the speed limit an after the update it no longer does!!

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