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Google Maps - Transit & Food is free iOS app published by Google LLC

Mr Mr

pappy doyle

Years of favorite places just disappeared. It’s a free service I get it, but it doesn’t make it less of a pain.

Saved Favorites disappear


Ever since this new update my favorites that I save disappear once I move on so search a new location. I use google maps for work to plan my route and now this new update doesn’t allow me to see the saved locations is real irritating. It works some times but I have to uninstall and the reinstall the app just to see my favorites. So now I have to continue to delete and install google maps just to see my favorites. Definitely looking for a new app ASAP. Unless this gets fixed


hi 227

Please put in something so the app works well with you offline.b but it still works just make it better otherwise I love it

Crashes while navigating


App quits and crashes while driving in apple carplay mode.

Keeps getting worse


Not sure what they are doing but google maps is becoming slow and overly complicated to use. Gives bad directions to many places and most recently decided my favorite market places are no longer important. Boom years of market favorites for many different travel destinations gone.

Worse by the day


Trying to love this app. But between constant rerouting and now taking me to the wrong destination, completely fed up with this...


remorsefull buyer777

In according to the prime number- it’s a great coffee nip thing to do ! Keep on chugging !

I hate picking a route just to be changed


When I pick a route it shouldn’t be changed without my approval and google needs to add a truck route option

Love it


Love it

Last update


Ever since last update, app crashes in horizontal orientation. Speed limit is being covered by distance/time field. iPhone and iPad.

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