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Google Maps - Transit & Food is free iOS app published by Google LLC

I have problem with this update.


Some location I can not share the location.

Not evening locating me on the right street


I have my home & work set like I’ve always had and now it places me on a totally different street, in the morning when I leave to go to work, to find the best route! Not to mention that it literally took me an entire mile out of the way, instead of telling me to turn left into a facility from the right hand side of the street, which is totally legal where I was, just to make a U-turn to go back to it on the right hand side!! stupidest app ever!



This last update blows. Why is the default set for flying everywhere? Why has the “search this area” changed to “search similar places?” If I want to search similar places, I’ll search for what I want. Stop changing things for the sake of changing things.

Google maps gets lost and doesn’t reroute anymore!!


Google maps used to be a good app note how I said used to be! I would be better off using a map then google maps!

Execellent service by Radha Madhav toyota

laxmi sailaja

Im using toyota vehicle from 6 year and going to Radha Madhav Toyota for service there Relationship manager janaki madam used to look after my vehicle sevices and promptly giving updates about my service and they didn’t troubled me especially janaki madam hospitality is very good.

I like it...


Used it for years on the app and pc. I do like that it works with Apple CarPlay so that’s a plus but one thing about that I don’t like is it will “found a quicker route” while driving accept or decline but if you don’t do anything it automatically changes to quicker route. To me that’s only useful if there’s a road delay or accident up ahead. Once I’ve selected my route, I’d like it to stay on that route. Also, why isn’t there and option for search for shortest route instead of quickest route?


Manuel Donahue.

Needs quicker updates on traffic jams.

Useful app for everyday use


This app is great for everyday use. Usually there is no problem with navigation or finding various places. There is one large but....where are bike routes and directions? Is this seriously missing? Generally, for outdoor walking, hiking and cycling there are better apps.

Cube smart Medford location

the Floridian s

The best storage location is Medford Massachusetts, on site manager fantastic to work with, very secure and clean location.

Fitting new irons

happy in Frankfort

Connor Lewis did a fabulous job with fitting me for new irons. He was patient and methodical. We were able to find the proper fit for me. I can say unequivocally my distance has increased substantially. I am grateful! Thanks Connor