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not the other Johnny

So much better than iPhone maps!!!

Please add “In a mall”


Please add functionality to let users know that a business is in a mall. I know you can just zoom in on the map to look at it, but when adding a stop along route I usually just look at how much time it will take to get there. When it’s in a mall it takes a lot more time than just a drive thru on the side of a road. Was in a rush for a family emergency when this happened so that’s the only time I’d say it matters. Otherwise, people should just relax. Thanks.

About toll route

Mabz Rahman

I wish google map has avoid toll free route in NYC

Love this app use it all the time


I tried it out the other day when my gps had shorted out. I remember I had a app for that. It really does work better than the plug in one I think. There's no updates to installed.

Голосовое оповещение


Разработчики, возможно ли добавить голосовое оповещение о затруднённом движении на маршруте ( или пробке), о времени и примерном расстоянии, чтоб заранее знать об этом, а не постоянно смотреть на общий вид маршрута?



تطبيق متعدد الخدمات من افضل التطبيقاات



Nice & Helpful

In San Miguel de Allende


We used the app for a short walk where we were pretty sure where we needed to go. Directions were 180 degrees off, confusing and useless.



I had great service with my sales person. The cashier department were quick with finance.

Maps don’t work.


This app does not work. I got lost and was late for a important hospital appointment. Fix your problems. Not happy.