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Amazing Work!!

Grant Burks

10-4 wraps does amazing work and they are extremely customer friendly. They accommodate my schedule and finished the work ahead of time and it was first class all the way!! This is the place to get a wrap if you need one for sure!!!

Where is CarPlay Dashboard support?


What are you guys waiting for?

Post speed limit not showing on new update


Post speed limit not showing on ipad air after update

live location sharing not working


Update 06 May 2020: finally location history working properly. Update 11 March 2020: Location history and live location sharing still doesn’t work. Live location sharing doesn't work. "Failed to load location sharing settings" Nor does “location history”

COVID-19 features


Description says that this release brings new features for COVID-19. People already know that COVID-19 is a manufactured lie! So I don’t care about any COVID-19 related fake, communist propaganda “features”.

Magic Keyboard/trackpad support


Please introduce the magic keyboard/trackpad support.

Has become buggy recently


Has become buggy recently

App is not working with update go back to old ways ASAP!


When clicking on directions maps do not work. You have to retype the address. Go back.



I intentionally did not update Google Maps to the most recent update which was released yesterday(5/05/2020) lo and behold when I wake up this morning to check my daily add updates, I see this app updated....

Adding stops-drops


When I add stops on my route Google drops them!

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