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Not so good.


One minute I get the right time to get on the bus, the next minute I go to check the directions is gives me a 5pm time and won’t change.

Bus timings

metro bus rider

Please fix your bus schedules,2 busses already skipped by me thinking they’d arrive on the time given on the app in which they didnt



This is a good app, but i am still waiting for that upgrade which has been told by Google that they will upgrade maps with camera functionality and then you can check by opening camera that where you need to go exactly. North, south, west or east..!! As there are still some times when I got stuck because of the direction and then i go to the other way and then maps redirect the way..!!




The Gold Standard


All other map apps fall short.

Google Maps!


Google maps is awesome!! It finds addresses that iOS never finds! Just wish there was a option for us to update certain places when they are new and can’t be found!

My go to but would like some updates


Need things for when I'm on a train/public transport and am trying to look at alternate routes/transfers. I'd like to be able to tell Google "yes I'm on this train right now"- so I can update timing for future stops and recommended routes accordingly.

App works well about ever two years

as lost as grandma

The apps works well for a bit then stops. Don’t know how there is such a disparity with google maps and Waze.. also, trying to access an address in google never pulls up the app, but prompts me to download the app every time. Then I click open the app in the App Store only to have the app have no idea what the address is. Can’t just copy the address from google either, as it gives you a url or something.

Please make a filter for RV’s!


Hey guys, the app is fantastic, no doubt. BUT I would really like to see an addition/filter for RVers or drivers of taller vehicles. Of course it’s understood that you should use expressways not parkways with trailers or an RV, but if you could add a filter for drivers of these vehicles to set a route that considers their vehicle, that would be awesome. That’d be five stars for certain. Thanks for your consideration, and I do hope you guys read these things....

Really good!

Phoenix kewish