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Google Maps - Transit & Food is free iOS app published by Google LLC

New update


The new update put the mileage and time left on top of the speed limit for the road your on. Needs fixed


lilgrump trucker

The maps are out dated by almost 3 years I pulled the shot of my house up and it’s from before I lived there and I have been there for 3 years sept. Very disappointing you would think a company as big as google would be updating the maps more often so you can actually get sorta up dated shots on where your going

Stop messing the app up!


Last update really messed the map up! Very difficult to find my starred, hearted and labeled places. Cannot label new places also. Jeez! Stop breaking the app!!!



Landscape hides the speed limit sign now...Gets the job done



Why am I unable to download google maps on my iPhone X I can’t even get t when I search for it ...



I updated my app and now it doesn’t show the bus roots! I’m in Seoul and I’ve used it for the past three months! It’s inconvenient!


ROB Volky 8

El mejor GPS

Tengo problemas


Esta nueva actualización no me permite abrir la aplicación



What can I say. Every time i'm frustrated and feeling like I'm paying for something with no results, this lady comes thru for me. She is exactly what every customer needs when they're life is topsy turvy after an accident. She is on your side and understands your problem. There is a reason why brick and mortar agents still exist, and she is the reason why I remain loyal to them.

How fast am I going?


What happened to the actual speed you’re doing? I was using that because my speedometer is broke in my car. I will be using something else from now on.

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