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HEY Developers!


There is the add a way point? Where is the detour button? Where is the avoid freeways option?

Used to love it but now HATE it

Phil Merritt

With each new update it becomes more broken and is now useless. Starting the trip doesn’t work and it has a strange delay. Put the app back the way it was a year or more ago.

Unable to view lat/long coordinates


I am receiving directions from another app to a point with latitude and longitude coordinates. Because it’s off the road a bit in the woods, google can’t find a route there. Which is fine. What bothers me is that I cannot view the location and see what it is near without manually typing the coordinates in. It also will not let me copy and paste them from the directions page, making this an impossible task.

One detail missing!!


Can’t tell you how many times a day I use this app! It’s perfect, except.... Oh how I wish google maps had the speed limit installed!! I have to open Waze if I want to know what the speed limit is if I haven’t seen a posted sign. 😞

Not navigation like waze

Nima Hajian

Not navigation like waze.

Google maps on iPhone

Elite Cargo

iPhone Google maps does not give you the option to choose a different route and if you add multiple stops does not show you the total milage for that trip it only gives you the time for that trip.

Speed limits

1big bad Steeler fan

How about an update that shows speed limits !!

hey googles


nice job!

Fitness zone..... sweat out your calories and not Your pocket

nikky yadavalli

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