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Google Maps - Transit & Food is free iOS app published by Google LLC

Google maps


Excellent GPS if your new it takes a little getting used to but worth it.

Aaa fox says best ever

Aaa fox

Best ever

Expo line extension


Love the app. Checked to see what the transit time would be on the new expo line extension in LA but no results were given. Went to Apple maps(boo!) and they have it. Hope it's added soon so I don't use the other app. Also, any plans to add multiple modes of transportation in one route? Let's say I want to take the train to where it ends and then have a bicycle route to my final destination?

More good than bad


I use it to plan getting to appointments and search all before getting on the road. It likes to forget the route and the settings that I select but not all the time. It is not as current as Mapquest and ATT for newer addresses. I am around Chicago.

Google Maps


What a great tool for many things when trying to locate a business or to get driving directions

Greatest Map Application Out There


Google Maps is Great and easy to use and works well compared to crappy Apple Maps that come standard on the IPhones.

It's great!


Works wonderfully!


Ali S Z




La mejor app


Jomy masiso

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