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Google Maps - Transit & Food is free iOS app published by Google LLC

Great app, bad update

Don Danger Cheadle

I’ve loved google maps for as long as I’ve known how to drive, but this lost recent update makes it impossible to change to orientation of the map with multi touch (or seemingly at all?) which I thought was a great feature. I hope this gets fixed soon.


Frank Eang

Some times it says 4 min and then it turns into 9 min??? Lags???


local guider stick

Don’t get!!

Can’t set home or work, not user


Can’t set home or work, not user friendly. Waze is much better

Cocoocoxooxoxodo XX

Awesome App 🙂

Ugiuuc Yuurp fun mood Titusf day ya boy 👦🏽 if’s happens to be my sisters

Arguably one of the best apps ever created!!! Maps is practical and essential.


Google maps is amazing. My directions are always spot on! I’d be absolutely lost without this app!

Almost always accurate

Castejb 2

As always this app is pretty accurate. There have been some times where the app chooses to many backroads to shorten trips.

Gulf coast rental

leif and ryan we love it

Travelled to gulf shores Al and used their beach equipment. We had great delivery service as well as pick up. The price was well worth not having to deal with trying to carry with us. The options on packages was great. I’m am going back in October and will definitely use this company again... look them up






This is such a great site shows right where you are