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Google Drive is free iOS app published by Google LLC


Sunita Sapra

I lost my important documents but thanks to google drive !!!! I can drive anywhere without any trouble or fear about my important files and folders. I lost my mobile few months back by accident and I thought I lost very important audio clip but great full to the developer who made this google drive... I could recover the same audio clip in my new mobile which I uploaded at google drive beforehand. I could recover it at my pc also. Really wonderful and awesome!!!!

Wonderful tool

Sean Jaussi

Drive and its component apps have been excellent and keep getting better. Highly recommend.


jsndicns c

Google drive is great. This place keeps all my files nice and organized.


great job goooooogle

Wttfff i cant download vids from google drive what a useless app

Best service for storing photos of all kind


Car salesman slaps the roof of google drive* “This baby can fit so much photos”



Love the fact that it does not use my iCloud storage

Can’t save videos to camera roll on mobile


Can’t save videos to camera roll on mobile

Awful update

disappointed user 3.5 million

Attaching files is impossible!!

love it


it’s good

What happen to my videos


I uploaded all my videos to google drive and they deleted all almost all of them. Lucky I had backed all the videos on an external drive. All my videos were there after the upload, but when I went back and checked it a week later, 90% of my videos had been deleted , but it wasn’t in the trash bin, I couldn’t find them anywhere.