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The best of Google in one app. Say “Ok Google” and find everything from nearby restaurants to the calories in cheesecake. Google also shows you the info you need before you ask, like updates on your favorite teams and traffic alerts.
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Talk instead of type:
• Say “Ok Google” then ask a question*
• Google will speak the answer aloud

Ask Google to help you do things:
• “What are good restaurants nearby?”
• “Where is my package?”
• “Remind me to call mom at 5 pm.”

Get Google Now cards and notifications:
• Start your morning with weather, news & traffic
• Get updates on sports, movies & events

More about Google Now cards:

* requires iPhone 4s or later


Thank you
JhOn DoInG It

Now that you guys updated Google it actually reads back what you’re asking for thank you

انور الشامي

شكراً على المنتجات

You shouldn’t have banned Alex Jones

All you did by banning Alex Jones is expose yourself as the real enemy of the people. By your action Alex Jones is vindicated. Do you know how many people will vote for Trump and republican now?? Your shenanigans always backfire.

No longer something useful

I once treat this app as the most useful app in iOS, till it ask me to install google assistant. Why do i need to install so many things while you have the ability to put everything in one app? Plus google assistant is terrible, unstable, and tries to have access to my microphone constantly. I’m so tired of it.

Who doesn’t use google XD
Anxietys sister

Lol google is amazing


I’ve always used google to search. Now it keeps giving me an error 403 every time I type in anything in the search box. Please fix this so that we can continue using the app.

New update

I installed the new update this morning and since then I have been unable to search for anything. It keeps saying that this client doesn’t have permission.

Help google not working

I use this app every single day! Since the update it is not not working at all!! Help!!!

I’m not a robot
An irritated music lover

Every time I try to do a google search I have to spend 3 minutes proving I’m not a robot and that’s highly annoying. I get a message saying “Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if it's really you sending the requests, and not a robot. Why did this happen?” Which makes no sense because I don’t google out of the ordinary things and I’m not even using a computer!!! Fix your app please.

Error after update.