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4-IN-ONE Dog App - Made in Australia!
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Reference Free Pinch Swipe Tap Pty. Ltd. iPhone, iPad, iPod

4 Great Features in one application - ALL FREE: Breed Reference Guide, Interactive Virtual Dog Show, Dog Organizer & Journal and Find a Breeder.

DOG GUIDE (Breed Reference Guide) -

Over 200 dog breeds, including more than 1,000 photos and encyclopedic information about each breeds personality, temperament, ease of training for suitability for children. The Dog Guide is the perfect reference for anyone thinking about buying a new pet; Filter by size, energy, country, breed type and more to find your perfect companion.

Browsing through the breeds, is easy and intuitive. Please see the screen shots below!

The DOG GUIDE also contains community photos from the Good Dog Academy VIRTUAL DOG SHOW, which is constantly updated with new dogs in each breed!


Create a profile for your dog, easily add a photo from your camera roll and enter them in the worlds first iPhone DOG SHOW! After entering your dog, other users can rate your dog and leave feedback about it’s appearance.

Each dog has a chance to voted the world’s best in every breed category and could potentially take out overall honours or a place in the prestigious TOP 25.

Don’t feel like entering? Take a look at the other entries and vote for your favorite dogs.


The Dog Calendar provides a simple way to keep track of your dog’s appointments, medication reminders, weight and more. You can also easily create an image gallery for you dog, and keep track of your fondest memories, medical history or achievements and more in the Journal.

The Good Dog Guide provides a simple intuitive way for you keep track of as many dogs as you like and make sure you never miss a vaccination or antiparastic dose again.

The organiser syncs effortlessly with iCal and is a must have for any dog owner. With the full version of the app, you will also be able to enter your dog in the Dog Show and keep track of their standing in the competition.


You’ve decided what type of dog you want to buy, but don’t know where to find one. Let us help you find a breeder. Enter the breed type and the distance you are prepared to travel from your home and the app will help locate a breeder.


The Good Dog Guide features professional designs, intuitive layouts and we will provide free updates for life. We take pride in applications.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

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Best Dog Breed Guide!
App revieeeewwweerr

I have looked all over for a free dog breed app and the ones I downloaded before had really bad graphics, or only gave me ten breeds. This app gives me great graphics, it is free and so far nothing is wrong with it at ALL! So why not? If it is free and you love dogs then take this app! AMAZING!

Natty GG

Horrible it crashes when I try to vote on a dog


fix the bug

Needs lots of work

Has potential, but...Aside from typos, which is just sloppy..... Breed guide crashes if touch on a breed, so no breed info actually available. This is the main reason I was interested. Also, I prefer to view or use apps on the horizontal / landscape view and you can't. Keeping track of a dog's important dates to remember is great, but just use your regular calendar. Not interested in virtual dog show. This feels like a way for the developer to push their other, dog training app, which is okay but is one of the more expensive apps. Though the info is okay, not sure it was worth the money, yet. Wouldn't recommend either at this point, but hopeful they improve.

It's really fun

The part I don't like is that it does not have a Labradoodle. My dog is a Labradoodle. Please fix.

Missing so many common breeds.

Should include at least all of the AKC breeds. Has many incorrect pics. Filter is useless. Will look for a better app.


Its a great app, i like it because it have the most popular dog breeds, and its exactly what i want.


Crashes. Missing breeds. Wrong info and wrong photos for a lot of breeds

A dog poo

Missing all the relevant breeds. Crashes constantly. Garbage.

Pretty cool
Dog lover498

This app helps me identify different dogs and helps me find breeders but some of the names are not relevant