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Measure angles with precision in 2 simple steps:
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Medical Free 5FUF5 CO iPhone, iPad, iPod

1- Set 0º to establish a relative 0º
2- Rotate device to desired angle and Get Reading
Reset and start a new measurement.

Precision designed for you. In-house tests have shown tolerances of +-0.2° and +-0.3° depending on device.

G-pro can provide easy and accurate range of motion (ROM) readings. It is very useful for Physical Therapists and Chiropractors in helping assess treatment efficacy. And for initial consultations, re-evaluations, and day to day office visits providing patients a way to see their progress.

Use G-pro for x-ray measurements (e.g. to determine the degree of scoliosis).

G-pro has been designed in collaboration with health care providers (HCP) in an effort to develop an easy to use and reliable ROM measuring tool, a better goniometer app. It has been successfully tested in orthopedic, chiropractic, and physical therapy practices. And can also be used for sports medicine, rehabilitation, radiology, engineering, architecture and more.

G-pro works like a digital gravity inclinometer. Using your device accelerometer chip to calculate the angle of rotation.

In preview mode, G-pro will be fully functional for 10 ROM readings. You can establish a relative 0º 10 times. After that, you will only be able to measure angles relative to your device 0º.

With the full version of G-pro, you can set a relative 0º unlimited times, store up to 12 readings in memory, and advertising is removed.

If you're having any problems with G-pro or if you'd like to give us feedback, please contact us through our web site: http://www.5fuf5.com/support.html


Great accuracy

Been using this app for a month now and it's a great visual tool for my patients good job

Love this app

It's useful and well-designed. Highly recommended.

Easy to use!

I found this app extremely easy to use. I have scoliosis and I could see this app being a great tool for interpreting an X-ray. I am looking forward to seeing other apps that this developer creates.

Great App

Very easy to use

Don't bother
John in McAdoo

Angle finder on the side of the phone is way too touchy to even use. Wate of my time!

Not free

You can use it a few times then it asks for $$

Not free

This is only a trial

Don't bother- not free
STL Fan Girl

Used a few times and now they want a pretty penny for the pro version. Sorry, so basic of an app, not worth it.