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This game is a game that moves all cards at the center of the screen to the lower right of the screen.
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Games $0.99 tatsuya itoh iPhone, iPad, iPod

The rule can be moved by the most much touching if the lower card is the number of + one of the lower right cards about each row at the center of the screen.
The card in the upper-right corner of the screen is opened touching when there is no card that touches.
If it is possible to move on all cards, it is a game end.
Time until ending the game is preserved as a result.
The following function is provided in this game.
(1)The moving card is returned.
(2)The card that can be moved is found.
(3)The answer is displayed in animation.
(4)The result is displayed in the graph.
(5)The result to the fifth high rank place is displayed.
(6)The result is registered in the video arcade.
(7)The umpteenth trial of a past game that the game is not perfectible can be done.


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