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Golden Thread Tarot - Learn Tarot for Self Insight

Golden Thread Tarot is a modern approach to an ancient tradition. Our belief is that tarot is not about revealing a fixed future, but giving you access to the self knowledge you need to make better decisions and act with awareness.
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Your Mirror - as you save and store readings in your log, we build up data about you and your cards, making it easy for you to find patterns where they were once hidden.

Tarot Database - sortable and searchable database of cards, giving you details on meanings, keywords, suits and number.

Guided Readings - use either digital cards or physical cards to ask and reflect on your questions.

Log Your Readings - save and store not only your cards, but how you felt about them. Build a database of your thoughts and feelings and see yourself reflected back at you.

Illustrated Lessons - make learning the underlying foundation of tarot simple.


Nearly perfect

Nothing is ever perfect but in my experience this app is a great interactive learning tool for tarot.


I really like this app. my ONLY issue is that it constantly logs me out. there is no point to me logging my cards because they wont be saved. the app basically resets every time i open it

A great intro into tarot and a great way to reflect

I really enjoy learning the different meanings behind the cards. I also use it as a chance to reflect on my actions and how this card could apply to my situations and how I live my life to meet or avoid the path foreshadowed.


As a beginner tarot reader, this is sooo accessible and user friendly. I love how the app is organized in such a way that you can really teach yourself anything!

Fun app

Fun F around and find out app. Intuitive learning and good storage/recall of past readings and questions.

Love this app!

Favorite tarot app so far.

Be in touch..

This has been helping me understand what I’m feeling. It’s helping me tame my emotions. I been doing a whole lot better holding my tongue. I’m so full of emotion that it’s hard to contain it all. I either just cry or go mad ape on something or someone. I happy to say I can walk away from situations. This app is really helping be a master of my emotions other than a slave to them. Thank you.

Best Tarot app

Simply draw daily cards, keep a log, even has a journal section to use. Explore different tarot spreads and learn about the meaning behind each card and suits! Haven’t found any other app that trumps this one in over 3 years!

Geez seriously

This is so accurate, I’m feeling much better about what is happening in my current situation.

Unbelievably Accurate!!!

I just found this app through someone on TikTok and the very first reading I did for myself using my own tarot cards was so spot-on that it gave me goosebumps! The hardest part of doing tarot for me is remembering what all of the cards mean. The interpretation of the cards in this app are very straightforward and accurate. I’m in love with this app! This app is my new best friend! Thank you soooo much for giving the world this knowledge! May all of the people involved with this project be greatly blessed! ????

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