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GOAZ: Earn money traveling is free iOS app published by GOAZ SOCIAL SL

love it


this app very nice helpful for me. It easy to use and All free. I feel fun when play app. I will invite my friends use app. Thanks for share!

Very useful


GOAZ is a great app. I can easily search and share my location in the map. Very convenient and useful. 5 stars

Good work


Concept is simple, useful and brilliant. Execution is attentive, deliberate and a pleasure to use. We use it everyday to share locations between my family members

Locations by folders


Best of GOAZ: share the location and folders with my friends, in order to let them know my top places to eat, to enjoy, to visit...

This app is easy and efficient


What a fantastic app! The GPS feature is pretty accurate and reliable enough to share my favorite places for everyone and I can search interesting places right from the map.

Very nice


This app makes you feel like you just turned your iPhone into another device. A device you never even thought you wanted or needed. One of the best features that receiving person does not need anything special for this to work! Any computer or mobile device with a Internet connection works perfectly! My wife and I Use this almost daily to keep each other in the loop on when we will be home




Well done

Alittle Bored

I´ve tried many apps to plan my trips. This one is great. Even if you need to improve user experience, it is easy to use. I am waiting for more updates. Thank you!

It is correct


love the idea of saving my places by folders. I would like more improvements like photos or information of the points.

Multistop app


I can create my routes with many stops, I can´t do it with any other app as easy I can do it with GOAZ. Well done!