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GOAZ: Earn money traveling is free iOS app published by GOAZ SOCIAL SL

Best app ever


This app is absolutely amazing. I have a deep passion for travelling so this app is definitely my best travel companion. It runs smoothly and its performance is quiet good. The app assists me in finding the best deals for hotel and fights. I feel very satified with the quality of the app. I highly recommend it to all of you!


Tess Kipling9

Helping to make our road trip amazing for the second time

What a great app!

xCecil Cissie

This app offers many things that a GPS doesn't. Just enjoy your trip with GOAZ

Oh yea!

Truda Wells

The best travel app I've ever used....I bet the same will be true for you!

Plan your trips

Clyde Keppel

Love this APP. Planning for trips is super easy using GOAZ

I can finally wrap my head around our trip!!

Buck Bentham

We’re planning a 3 week RV trip this summer and I’d been dragging my feet on planning because the logistics were so overwhelming. Now I’m actually excited out the trip and love how it’s coming together!


Irene Cookz

This would have been amazing for all those family trips as a child!! This is the best app! Wish I had this for those family trips!

The best thing ever!

44Vera Sam

What a great idea for an app and very informative! Love it! Makes my jouney wonderful!!!


Baird May

My only complaint is that I didn’t find this app sooner

This is ONE GREAT app!

Bruce Wilcox

Plenty of information and things to see and do. Love it!!!