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GMToolKit - RPG Helper is free iOS app published by Carl Davis

A must have!


This app is truly helpful. I have no complaints; it works without glitches, no crashes, and very useful. As someone else said, the fonts could be simpler, but as is it's a great tool!

Utility incarnate


Has my dice which is all I REALLY need but the name generator has saved my skin in an unexpected situation or two. Glad to have it. I highly recommend this sleek little pocket book of rpg goodness to all who play table top games not only GMs and DMs, though it benefits them most.


Taylor Tower

Not a gd thing in here for a DM. Waste of time to dl, even for free.



Thanks for making a good quality, free tool.

Lackluster app

q 0_0 p

I was disappointed with this app. The reference guides turned out to be links to wiki pages, not actual local data. The room generator is interesting, but the rest of the app has gotten no use from me. I do not recommend.

nice little app


Nice little app you made for us here. Thanks


I hate tumblr

A good dice rolling system and a good name generator. My only complaint is that you can't see previously generated things, once you skip it, it's gone.

Nice little app


I see this as a fantastic, and free, dice roller with a few fun features thrown in. Some of the fonts are a bit too fanciful to read easily, but the generator functions are useful and fun.