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NOAA Now provides the latest information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration including: hurricanes and tropical storms in the Atlantic and Pacific cyclone basins; mainland storms, including the latest tornado and severe thunderstorm alerts; worldwide animated satellite views; the latest marine conditions from the National Data Buoy Center; the nationwide ultraviolet index. All data is courtesy of NOAA and NASA.
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Atlantic disturbances

Very informative, very accurate always allow you to get prepared if necessary . Having this information is a must this time of year. Thanks to everyone at noaa.

Adds subscription is bugging
Can all names be taken?

Stop the advertising

Drained phone 20% while not in use, won’t let me turn it off

This app has decided it wants to run 24/7 in the background. Tried to turn off location services, and it won’t let me. So basically the app hijacks the phone. 22 hr 30 min of the last 24 hours in screen time shows this app was running. I haven’t intentionally used this app in months.

Ads galore

Too many ads at beginning that delay seeing info.

Unstable and questionably accurate if that

After using this one for years I have found that the categorizing of images which are FREE from NOAA are not consistent with what images cover what regions. It is not uncommon for the app to crash then you have to restart the app yet again which is more than an annoyance. Recently they wanted to start charging users for what they are providing which is a joke.

Waaaay too many pop up ads now! Don’t bother

I liked the app at first but now there’s a pop up ad every time I change a view. AND the x on the close feature has to be tapped multiple times to get rid of the ad. I decided their greed for ad revenue was not worth my frustration. Deleted it.

Weather on point
Z- hex

This app has been helping me observe all the things I need and more. It’s my favorite

Ads ads everywhere an ad

Used to be great but sold out to ads and I don’t mind 1 but it is horrible now

Not happy!

Not getting any reports or discussions anymore. Not happy. They were so beneficial

Worst weather Terrible

Please fix the amount of time ads pop up. I’m no longer going to use this app. I can handle ads, but not this many