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Global Cycle Coach: Your In-Door Cycling App

Hi! We're Brian and Sarah and we're proud to present the world’s best At Home In-door Cycling App.
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Our 47,000+ indoor cyclers get the calorie burning benefits of an indoor cycling class in the comfort of their home! They avoid the inconvenient trip the gym and don’t pay for expensive “studio” classes.
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We designed this app to solve two common problems with “Studio” Indoor Cycling Classes:
Problem 1) Going to a gym class can be inconvenient and time-consuming for working adults.
Problem 2) Studio Indoor Cycling Classes or specialized fitness classes are extremely expensive.
GCC was designed for busy professionals who need to be flexible and want the benefits of a personalized indoor cycling class. We offer a complete range of CYCLING, BODYWEIGHT TRAINING, and YOGA classes, which you can download and use whenever you want, an UNLIMITED amount of times and from wherever you want.
Our goal is to bring you world-class instruction from a variety of cycle coaches, yogis, and personal trainers from around the world. Whether you're a novice or a fitness fanatic, you can benefit from taking the classes in Global Cycle Coach. The classes vary in intensity level and length--ranging from 10-minute targeted muscle toning activities to 60-minute endurance workouts.

We love to hear from you (our users), so if you have any comments or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by email or post on our Facebook page!

- First Rate Classes include cycling, yoga, and bodyweight training.

- CUSTOMIZABLE workout length: classes range from 10 minutes to 60 minutes.

- Select your INTENSITY level: classes range from beginner to Intermediate to Advanced.

- Handpick your coach or instructor that best fits YOUR STYLE and needs: your coaches vary in personality, method, gender and intensity

- Track and count your calories burned and fitness level progress

- CHOOSE your own music (or use your favorite internet radio station, like Pandora), or you can use the coach's pre-selected songs.

- You can start as a beginner (a "Learn the Basics" section helps get set up with the cycle and yoga fundamentals), or you can start at an advanced level: there's something for everyone!

IMPORTANT: Once you purchase a class once, listen to it an UNLIMITED amount of times. You have it to use any time, all the time, forever (even if you uninstall and reinstall the app)!

I love this app! I have tried [cycle] classes but it is harder to find a good instructor than the time to go to a class. –Storm Sandy

I bought my own [cycle] bike two years ago and found this app right away. I have a small child and crazy job so getting to a gym was not even possible. But this does the trick! – m697

The [cycle] classes are as good as & in some cases better than the live instructors at the gym. - Barry



Disappointing updates

I’ve had this app for years and enjoy the classes, but anytime I change my phone it doesn’t remember the classes I have previously purchased. So I always have to hit buy and hope the “you’ve already purchased this” screen comes up. It worked for all but the latest update and I ended up paying for a class again. And now I know why. The class is the same, but the order of the segments has been rearranged and different(worse) music swapped for some of the segments. Thus it’s a “new” workout that I haven’t purchased. Kind of sketchy and it’s keeping me from downloading the other 5 classes I had previously bought.!

Please add more 60 minute spinning.

Inexcusable No Post IOS 7 Update

It's been enough time - it's May 4th. Still no post IOS 7 update. I cannot tell post update (which wiped phone) which classes I had bought, prices are now too high, install of new classes always fails. This once great app is now unusable.

Great App

My spin class takes a break for the summer, and I wanted something that would keep me going until Fall. This was great. Unfortunately most of the spin classes are less than an hour (my spin class at the gym is an hour). But it was the perfect thing to keep me going. I also got into the weight training classes. I hope they add different types of yoga, focusing more on stretching and your core, but overall I would highly recommend this app.


Just tried to use my app after not spinning for a few months. Upgraded as prompted and my paid for classes were no where to be seen! Went to store to "restore" and wasn't quite sure of all I had purchases. So ended up having to pay for some that I thought I had which was a real drag. This could be such a great app but it's not because of diss appearing purchases, music that you always have to load, and no good "pause" if you need it. Keep improving app because it's a great app when it works.

❤️ love this app

I really do enjoy this app. The only thing that would be helpful is to be able to run my own music as a playlist rather than having to pick and choose each song each time.

Best spin app ever

This is by far the best spin app I have ever used. Love the teachers and the variety of classes and I love that I can listen to my own music. Highly recommend!

Great App

I love the classes - especially Sarah's spin classes. I have a little trouble getting my own music to play but that I'd probably user error. Great support response when needed

Great spin classes

Excellent app that does what it says, give diverse full length spin classes. Sarah is my fav coach but the others are great too.

My most used app

I'm a consultant so super busy and traveling all the time--usually have to work out from my hotel gym, so I love this app. Just plug in my headphones, hop on the spin bike in the hotel, and it's like I have my spin class whenever and wherever I want to take it. Pls make more classes!