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Glimpse Watch Face - A little window to your world

Glimpse brings real-time content from your favorite publications & social feeds directly to the face of your Apple Watch.
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By setting Glimpse as your watch face, you can stay up to date on your world without having to open any apps on your phone or watch and without those annoying notifications. Just simply glance at your wrist!

-See a new image & headline with every flick of your wrist

-Select multiple channels at once for your Glimpse feed including Twitter, Tumblr, CNN, Time, Nat Geo, Pinterest, Reddit, Dribbble, 500px and more.

-All-New "Catch a Glimpse" Feature lets you save Glimpses to your phone! Simply screenshot the Glimpse on your Apple Watch by pressing the side button & crown simultaneously and a link to the full post will automatically be saved in your Glimpse app on your phone. It's magic!

-Refreshes regularly to ensure a constant stream of new content

From the creators of Facer, the most popular watch face platform in the world with hundreds of thousands of smartwatch users today.

Open Glimpse app on iPhone for a quick, repayable installation video to show you exactly how to seamlessly sync Glimpse channels. Steps include:
-Open Apple Watch Companion App. Select Photo icon. Go to Synced Album and choose Glimpse
-Select “Photo Album” watch face on your Apple Watch
-You should see the Glimpse logo on your watch. Note: Syncing images for the first time may take a few minutes. Until they sync you will see the “No Photos” image. Just be patient. The awesomeness is loading.
-Once you see the Glimpse logo, choose Yes on your iPhone
-Now, simply select the channels you’d like to see on your watchface. Accept the permissions and you’re all done. Enjoy!

Support: [email protected]
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Can’t log into Twitter and can’t get images from channels...

Can’t log into Twitter and can’t get images from channels...

Will not let me login to my Twitter

Has a little variety to choose from but can’t log in to my Twitter account or any account that requires a login.Is there a way to work around this?

Doesn’t work

This doesn’t work, won’t log into 500xp and Pinterest and the ones I do have as on nothing on my watch.

It no longer works

I remember using this app a couple of years ago and even with the picture mess it creates, I worked. I downloaded it today, and the app is no longer usable. It won't download content to show on you apple watch. It's a shame, the concept was really good. I guess the developers were not encouraged to keep it up-to-date.

Does not work

Will say “last updated less than a minute ago” in the app but no photos are added to the Glimpse album on my phone, and nothing shows up on the watch except for the initial test picture to check if it was set up correctly.


Dope app just figuring it out but so far so good.

Like flipboard on my watchface

Love it. Get all my feeds and no need to open any apps. Just glance down.

Only Watch face I use
Mr BlingBling

Can't wait for additional channels!

Very useful!

Finally my watchface is relevant to my life!! :)

Worth the initial setup process

A bit of a setup, but absolutely worth it. The first app for Apple Watch that I've found is remotely useful.

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