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Glassdoor - Jobs & Salaries is free iOS app published by Glassdoor, Inc.

This is amazing


This is a very using and information app to use. Really try to recommended to everybody. Thanks developers


Oops 5

Love it , works great

Great platform

Sean P McD

Searching and narrowing down what your career interest are easy and very informative.

Amazing for me!!!


I took I'll in 1999 and by 2001 I could no longer work. It's 15 years later and I am completely well so I thought" what could it hurt to try? " To my amazement they found me several places happy to employ me!!! Even at 49 yrs whether your kids are gone, you are recovered from illness like me. It's never to late if your a honest , willing to work hard you can do it and this app will help you get there!!!

Reliable Source


I really love Glassdoor for its source information on employer. Is my to go app on job hunting. The only job job source I can really rely on.

The go-to site for the best jobs

Film Fanatic NYC

Easy to filter by level and search by company. Every good job is posted here!

Latest update seems buggy


I love glassdoor, but its latest update seems to work incorrectly. It'll say that my saved searches have found new job listings, but when I click them it either says there was an error retrieving them or show me listings I already looked at and cleared out. Also, whenever I create a search and save it, I always turn off the email notifications option. Nevertheless, it'll email me and when I go to check the saved search, lo and behold it had turned itself on again. Otherwise, it's a solid app. It's visually great, and easy to use.

Fast, intuitive interface


Very easy to browse through and find exactly what you're looking for in this slick interface and app.



This app allows an individual to view a great deal of pertinent information about a myriad of companies. The content is helpful and very detailed. The reviews from current and past employees reveal a great deal of knowledge to applying to said companies. This app is wonderful.

Great company. Awesome app. Thanks.

Tom RS

I love GlassDoor and am a hugely active user of it. I run a small Consulting company with several hundred employees. GlassDoor enables me to see trends within my organisation, to see specific issues as they arise and to have the opportunity to safely interface with my employees in an anonymous and functional manner. This new AppStore App is excellent and embodies all the great things that come out of this little California tech company. Great work GlassDoor. Keep up the amazing work.

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