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Glassdoor - Jobs & Salaries is free iOS app published by Glassdoor, Inc.

Much help

Hardbody 83

Help me learn



Keeps singing me out. This app be tripped out. Ain’t letting upload my resume. This app mad weird.

No longer loads correctly after update


After the last update The app no longer loads all the way and only fills part of the screen. This makes it hard to read and is no longer useful. Please fix or will have to delete.

Some issues with the display

Practical me

Good evening Glassdoor, I enjoy using your app and constantly refer to of for Resources. However, I have noticed it would open up in a smaller window rather than filling up the phone screen entirely. Closing and reopening the app does not help. The issue is random but very frequent. I am not able to attach the screen shot but will be happy to if needed. For reference I have an iPhone 5s. Thanks

App can’t remember when your signed in


It’s super frustrating that your app cant remember that I’ve signed in even in a matter of 10 seconds I get asked to sign in again when I go to save a search? Sign in. Change my account or resume? Sign in again. Garbage

5 star review


Glass door has helped me find great opportunities, I have become more adept to finding jobs.

Closes out page after leaving the app for a second


I love Glassdoor for a variety of reasons but I’ve started using it way less because of the simple fact that it closes out the page you were on if you leave the app to send someone a text etc. Super inconvenient.. not sure of any other app that does that.



The app wont even work or keep me signed in. Any time I try to fix up my profile it says it cant reach that request at the moment and crashes.

Helpful app

Nancy GH

This app has everything you want to know about salary and employers

Best job site


This is the best job site. Unlike some of the others who pull you in with promises to match you with your preferred job search and then ask if you would like to do something unsuitable. Glassdoor has good job opportunities matched closer to your preference along with a salary range.

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