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Add a Section on Profile

Fed Up with "Improvements"

A section to capture training (other than college degrees & certifications) would be great. I’ve taken lots of training from LinkedIn, Coursera, and Udemy and have no place to highlight those additional skills.

So frustrating!


The new app is anger inducing. I can’t remove old saved jobs, tried the “hide this job” as an alternative but didn’t actually hide the jobs. I get postings for jobs outside my area and have to open and close the app repeatedly because I lose the back button.

Please fix


App is not fitted for my iPad! Every time I open the app it’s too big for the screen and most of the user interface is outside the screen.

Good but needs improvement


It’s a good app. I just hate when I search and I filter it for jobs that were posted in the past 7-14 days, it post 30+d ALL THE TIME! Very frustrating cause I feel like I miss out on the new things.

Y’all are going through it right now


You’ve been a reliable app for job searching but within the last week or so you’ve been riddled with bugs and software maintenance. I’m still going to use your app but just be transparent as possible


Ryan MvDonough

Great place to work

Can’t even sign in


Can’t even sign in

Date filter doesn’t work.


You can’t filter out old job postings because the filter doesn’t seem to work. It always includes tons of “30+ days” job postings.

Not a Good Fit


I keep getting notifications of a job I would be a “good fit” for. I’m a chemical engineer. The jobs are for electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, programmers... very rarely do the qualifications of the “good fit” jobs ever mention chemical engineers.

OK, but a lot of repeat jobs and notifications

New user not impressed

Because of all the repeating jobs, I get WAY too many “you look like a good fit for....” notifications. There is NO way to manage this notification list except to flipping delete one at a time??????? WHY give me an “edit” feature if all I can do is select them..... then what.... ugh.

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