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Glassdoor Job Search is free iOS app published by Glassdoor, Inc.

Useful but dishonest


I use Glassdoor all the time and the mobile app works fine. Despite this company’s claim that negative reviews can’t be removed, Glassdoor clearly allows this. Therefore, I find Glassdoor dishonest and biased to the employer. I don’t trust the data in this app.



Whether you are here for the first time or the 20th time, what sets Glassdoor apart from the REST is “I believe in them”..They go the extra mile to keep you informed of good companies, salary info, employee reviews, and their postings are authentic and up to date. Their have excellent writers and recruiters who inspire and guide you properly and professionally in your job search. They are the REAL DEAL



The main purpose is connectivity and this app does it better than most job-related browser to apps turn out!



Glassdoor stays in touch thru the hiring process and is very professional in its approach. Easily used for the best results.

I like Glassdoor!!


Glassdoor is a great resource to locate jobs around the world honestly. The only problem I’ve experienced is, filters aren’t working so well for me. I won’t give up though!

One hitch


Overall like the app but filtering by location never seems to work on the app, works better on browser.


Lukas bario

Easy to use, practical.

Love it


Very easy to use so user friendly and organized

App is terrible


Can’t find most business on this stupid and other wise useless app!

Crash freeze crash freeze

p. picasso

IPhone X