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Glassdoor Job Search is free iOS app published by Glassdoor, Inc.

Stop sending email to me plz


There are useful information in apps, but it’s really embarrassing that Glassdoor always sending email and tell me there is no job, while my boss it sitting next to me and happen to see that. Anyone can tell me how can stop it ?

5stars! Bravo!!


Wonderful app way easy to use found my resume in my phone when I could links you straight to a link to apply on desktop version of application for jobs u can’t apply mobile better than any other job search app I’ve found.

Biased app


They say they are not biased but they clearly censor negative reviews about Home Depot in particular. They have “Corp responses” from the “Corp reps or business partners”, who are allowed to comment on post but no one else can comment (hows that not biased or showing favoritism towards Corp reps?) The clearly state in there description of what a pending status means and it says they are awaiting approval from the Co lol really? So they are screening the post, makes sense now hu! The average salary portray higher than actual compensation rates. For example, Home Depot asset protection 47k/yr=$23.07/hr before tax for yearly rate. Really? Look at the open positions under jobs and the posting they have up for that same position. 25-38k compensation (38k=$18.26/hr 25k=$12.01/hr) big difference hu? This is all provable and factual, Home Depot is basically making a profit on there employees and Glass Door is helping.

Ease of use


Getting around the site is fairly easy and seems to have a great deal of options. The only thing I wish they had is one click apply...

Needs improvements


I’m looking for a part time, therefore, I filtered my search for part times only, still I get it all mixed, jobs don’t even show if they are PT or FT. I don’t even know what to apply for. To be honest, I think using the website online is the best option, I don’t know why you make an app to make it harder for users...

Good app but lack functionality


I love using this app but I get so frustrated whenever I’m trying to filter out jobs in my city. Other cities still pop up. If there is no opportunities then nothing should pop up. Filtering out job titles is hard too. If you are looking for a specific job title, everything similar pops up.

Great App!


Thank you!


Make me a star !

Human Resources has a big hold on who is going to move up the chain within the organization. Agreed, with the “boys club” comment. Put your head down you’ll last a lot longer . Lots of employees are afraid to come forward. Pray Human Resources cares enough to pass your internal resume to an open position. Same employees are promoted.

NOT accurate


Unfortunately it appears that Glassdoor will NOT post the most recent reviews on companies and allow “paid-reviews” to be at the top of a company’s profile disregarding actual reviews from employees. I had hope that there would be an honest and transparent company that would help those researching a company and I thought I could get this from Glassdoor but sadly it’s another company created to benefit and cover up the truth. I will continue to use the app but I would like if Glassdoor looked at their “mission statement”, I thought the name “Glassdoor” was actually meant to give honest and transparent reviews about companies.

Cant apply on your different job sites

Crista Sears

I go to apply for different jobs and and most work but I cannot get the total access one to work. I have tried to apply there like 5 or 6 tines now maybe more and I cannot get it to go through. It says there are parts not filled out and everything is filled out. Please help.