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Glassdoor Job Search is free iOS app published by Glassdoor, Inc.

Great App


Easy to use

Best career search!


Really enjoy how simple yet comprehensive the Glassdoor app is.

Great app for job hunting

D pippy

Gives a quick way of applying for the job that you need.

Kind of works


The app is good and does some nice things. Just like every other it can’t filter out JavaScript from Java due to partial find. Outside of that, the notifications are endless. I mean they just keep coming. Don’t save a job because you will never hear the end of it. At least 3 times with in 24hrs. Then about once a day for a week. Then a bulk follow up on all you have saved and then questions on if you heard back. It is endless...


Nesha Ronee




Very basic. Gives you the bare minimum while getting the job done.



This site is 100% awesome you can find a job in no time!

Exactly Answers


I been reading different Jobs review and I found what I am looking for...

No longer a fan


Information is removed and deemed not to adhere to their guidelines-translation: if you post an honest review of a personal experience that doesn’t shine a positive light on a toxic employment environment, prepare to be censored. Hope this helps someone who is out there doing their due diligence. Remember it’s CA, land of the not so transparent flakes-and at will employment! Best of luck to all the non-millennial, non tech real people. Tough crowd.

Searching for employment in new state

new floridian

This is a excellent way to get potential for employment