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Glassdoor Job Search is free iOS app published by Glassdoor, Inc.



This app was very helpful when I needed to look up a company I was interviewing for and wanted some help with prep questions. It was also super helpful with providing examples of salaries.

Pretty good but


Looking for international jobs is a pain in the neck because you can’t search worldwide or by country, only by city. Otherwise Glassdoor comes up with good recommendations and the app is generally easy to use.

Best job search site

NI to the G to the G to the A

Glassdoor to me is the best compared to its competitors. They hold lots of valuable information about a company that can save you lots of time when looking for a job. I find the reviews and the estimated salary incredibly helpful. I don’t get why most employers don’t show the salary when posting a job ad... as if people didn’t mind that! Duh!

Love Glassdoor but can’t use it on the app


I love Glassdoor and the services it provides (allowing me to search for companies and get a better understanding of whether I would like to work there). However, this app NEVER works for me and I am frustrated. I have it downloaded, yet it is always “under maintenance” or won’t turn up results for well known companies (ex Google). Also, when I am searching online it doesn’t seamlessly extend my search into the app when my phone asks “view results on the app”. Probably bc the app is trash.



Excellent job postings easy to access.

Won’t work


Tried several times, app and internet and it is sooo slow, wont load and is just to difficult to work with. I’m done.

Co-op Financial analyst intern Rochester


Hard to get information across to get work done.

Download if you like spam!


I downloaded this app based on its rank. Bad idea, unless you like spam. I used this app maybe for 30 minutes and ever since have received incessant emails from Glassdoor, including mostly jobs that aren’t in my field. Two stars because the app is easy to use. I do wish there were more job details in the description like some of the other job search sites out there.

Glassdoor review

This is my honest take-away

This is my go-to app for learning about job positions and reviews for various companies. I would like to be able to comment on some of reviews that people give. Claps, thumbs up/down, maybe 30 character comments-especially for company the you currently work. Too much “sandbagging” being used to bump up company/CEO reviews.