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Glassdoor Job Search is free iOS app published by Glassdoor, Inc.

Super Easy


Wonderful app, super easy to use. Making applying very easy. Hopefully finding a job will be easy

Salary range not accurate, & glassdoor too slow in accepting data submitted for salary review

duck dodgers 24 1/2 century

The salary range being displayed for open positions is not accurate. I know this for a fact because I left my position (I was the only one in it in my company & in my location). For the position opening, glaasdoor’s estimate is much much lower than actual. I wrote a Salary Review and submitted what my base salary was and bonus info, but glassdoor is taking too long to accept this. It’s been weeks now and my salary review has not yet been accepted by glassdoor. I even contacted glassdoor through the Help, but no response at all regarding my concerns & the issue of them still having my Salary Review in Pending Status.

Great but...


Great but there are huge mistakes with the programming. I am a surgical technologist. That is not the same as an ultrasound tech, medical assistant, X-ray tech. And these are nowhere near the same jobs yet I still receive these jobs included in my job searches.

It’s decent...


The app is ok for on the go searching/applying but the search filters don’t work at all.

Let’s be honest(;


Honesty needs to be the foundation of any and all apps like this. So far as I can tell, the reviews seem pretty genuine. I only got this app mainly to check up on ReferralCars. I’m still not convinced they are Not a scam but my research on them has turned me to this wonderful app. Keep up the great work Glassdoor and Please always stay transparent.

Eh, it’s okay. Needs improvements.


There definitely needs to be more “one touch apply” options. That’s the name of the game when it comes to convenience for the user. “Apply on partner site” gets annoying, and cheapens the experience. At that rate, what is the benefit of using the app if one could simply use a google search engine to end up with the same results?

Business owner Mark Deane

Mark Deane

This website contains fraudulent reviews of businesses. They do not list the reviewers names. Non employees trash the business and there is no quality control from the website. The reviews are fraudulent and should not be trusted.

Extremely thankful!


Glassdoor helped my find the best and most suitable job for my exceptional work experience. With such competitive fields I was able to compare and weigh out all of my options.



Great design. Well designed and convenient.



I found a job really quickly with this app !!