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Glassdoor Job Search is free iOS app published by Glassdoor, Inc.

Extremely annoying


Completely useless; hides all data and asks you to verify your email a million times without it ever working once. Delete this.

It’s alright


Not a bad app a little slow but I guess being slow is linked to confusion can’t get this to get me into were I need

Do testing of your app


Try to edit a review from in app on an iPhone. Use your Facebook account as your log in. You are asked to close a dialog to continue, but given no option to close the box. So you cannot continue.



Compromised my email information, I don’t care for this app.

So far so good


So far seems easy enough but I will definitely be giving a 5 if I land a job in a week .

Transparent opportunities


Glass door is easy and clear to navigate and it purely about taking your next opportunity with as little hoop jumping when compared to LinkedIn

redundant emails

this is a joke right ?

email settings does not change the endless emails of exact same jobs over and over multiple times a day. Glassdoor refuses to fix issue and or address this.


jazmin gutierrez

this is actually really good and it helps you a lot to let you know your opportunities to apply for a job and it sends you emails about jobs they are giving an dhow much they pay and where the job is at .

This app bytes...


This app bytes. You cannot select a location properly for reviews.

So many options

tweetybird back

I feel very confident and seems to be a bottle of resources to find myself a new job.