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Glassdoor Job Search is free iOS app published by Glassdoor, Inc.

Mobile app right ?


What’s the point to offer a mobile app if we can’t apply right from it? Trying to do so will bring you to a blank page. Why? A lot of job apps allow people to do so. Why can’t you? That’s supposed to be the whole purpose of this app and you missed it. Too bad.

Can’t log in via Facebook on mobile app


Endless loop, been broken for months

Love it!

Zaira C

This app has amazing job opportunities and it’s easy to use. I like the fact that I can actually find job opportunities that fit my needs here.

Nice , wish to get it from long time ago


Useful and practical



They will go through your contributions and reject them without merit. I had all of my reviews rejected (even though they were live for 6 months) and given zero reason.

Easy access

Hugs whaa

I am happy I don't have to go online to Glassdoor every time I need to look up jobs or salaries

Long review erased before posting


Wrote a lengthy review. Switched apps (didn’t force quit) for a while, then came back to edit and post my review. But when I switched back to Glassdoor, it refreshed and my review was gone. There are no saved drafts or anything like that. Product Managers: pay attention! This is antithetical to the success of your product.

Amazing product/service, buy delivery could be better


My principal qualm is that there doesn't seem to be an option to browse or filter by industry. It would be extremely beneficial to job seekers to be able to select a field, and peruse employee reviews of the companies within the industry. Right now, you need to know each company's name in order to look them up separately. You can search terms related to the industry, but that really only turns up results with the search terms in the companys' name (Ex searching "real estate" would give you John Doe Real Estate Consultants, but not RE/MAX or Edina Realty). Pre-established drop-down categories or tags would be more effective. I do like the feature that allows HR reps to respond to reviews. It serves as a fact-checking mechanism, and also just gives job seekers a general idea of the tone of the organization's HR team. All in all, the data is awesome, but there is a lot more they could be doing worth it to increase usability.

A verry good app!!!!


Love the app!!!!



Making it much easier to know which jobs are worth the application. Salary and benefits are the two key attractions for any job. This is one of the few sites that actually displays this information. I love it!