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Glassdoor Job Search is free iOS app published by Glassdoor, Inc.

Apps great


Very useful. They only thing I would update. When I find a job on my phone that I need a computer to apply for, I can't send to my email, all I can do is save it.

Good job app


Nice format - only knock on product is the algo returns A LOT of hits some aren't as targeted as I would like. Provides peer provided info on companies and how they interview and salaries paid. Not sure it is accurate since peers can exaggerate but is something. Better than most job search apps.



I filled out the guidelines and Glassdoor sends junk, which is s waste of my time. Delete!

Best app for uncovering companies


This app and its website are the best mechanism to learn what working for a company could be like. One must take all of the reviews with a grain of salt but I've found the collective voice is a good representation of the true character of a company. And the salary histories are quite accurate.

Great way to research potential employers

Observation point

Read the good reviews, read the bad reviews; trust your gut. This app gives your "gut instincts" data.

I love this app


Amazing app and it shows you all the great companies

Super Useful


A super helpful app that makes browsing options quite easy. Only bummer is that it is a fan of a notification and thinks a wide variety of things merit notification.

One of the simplest

Deem iTunes

Glass door is one of the easiest apps to use in my job search, but adds the social feedback that you don't get with other apps.

Filtering Options


I miss being able to identify which jobs are new and having to go through all listings looking for new posts. Would be better if you could sort by newest postings first. It waste a lot of time.

Love the Transparency!


I love that you can see reviews of current employees of the company you're interested in applying to. Easy to search for any type of career or location. Very fun to use!