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Glassdoor Job Search is free iOS app published by Glassdoor, Inc.

App is too slow


App froze when I was trying to look up a review for a company. So it makes the app unusable. The mobile site loads much faster than the app and doesn’t have any issues. The problem is that I have to delete the app because visiting a mobile link on Glassdoor automatically opens it on this app.

Useful for some aspects


I like this app for information on companies jobs and salaries. I find their job search emails to be repetitive, unrelated to my Job Search, just all-around not effective. Interestingly enough, the app not allow you to turn off notifications. So I suppose I will just send all emails to spam and access this app when I want information on a particular position.

Easiest job search app


This is the best job search app I’ve seen. It’s easy to use, set job specific searches, and see estimated salary ranges.



So far, so good!

Deleting this app


The search function is terrible. Dozens of results did not contain my search word (I checked over and again). I need an app that values my time, not wastes it.

Constantly freezes


The app constantly freezes. Deleted and reinstalled and still does the same.

Love it


Amazing app! It has everything i need

A++ App!


Cool beans App!

Great app!!!


I love this app. I’ve found it very helpful in looking for jobs in the state that I want to move to.

Mobile app right ?


What’s the point to offer a mobile app if we can’t apply right from it? Trying to do so will bring you to a blank page. Why? A lot of job apps allow people to do so. Why can’t you? That’s supposed to be the whole purpose of this app and you missed it. Too bad.