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Glassdoor Job Search is free iOS app published by Glassdoor, Inc.



Can’t even write a review due to technical issues. Been like this for a while.

Love it... but new bug?


Glassdoor is a great tool for job hunting. I love being able to jump from a job description to the company’s page. The ability to read reviews, get interview advice for a specific company and see accurate salary estimates is what makes this app stand out. However it seems like in this latest update they redesigned the job description page but set a max character limit so now most of the job descriptions look incomplete.

Great App


As long as you are specific with your searches, this app is perfect!!!

Glassdoor has a great feedback model I trust


With many chat rooms such a Cafe Pharma anonymous people leave negative feedback. What sets Glassdoor apart from the rest is that they require both positive and negative insights. Additionally they ask for advice for companies to use instead of relying on the often sugar coated feedback gleaned from exit interviews where no one wants to burn a bridge so are cautious in responses. Great source of data for potential employees and leaders alike.



An invaluable resource.




Keeps crashing!


I use this app everyday but the past week it crashes after visiting 5 or so companies and job listings.



Great app



Easiest,accurate and one of the best apps!!! Also, it’s nice to know what employees as well as customers have have thought about a company. You can get an idea of pay, interview styles, question and environment!



I love this service, however some of the jobs sent to me are out dated or totally random! Also from other cities not anywhere close to where I live!! Hah! I would like the cities changed to be by my home and open positions not so random. Otherwise, it’s great to read!