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Glassdoor Job Search is free iOS app published by Glassdoor, Inc.

App keeps shutting down


The service offered by Glassdoor is spectacular, but the app has stopped working. It shuts down on me while loading.

Poor design

App R8r

First, the app allows you to identify poor matches (thumbs down) and promises the specific postings will not appear in future job notifications, but they do. Second, there is no logical way to contact the developers or support team for support; you’re on your own with this app. Lastly, even when you turn off all email notifications, you should expect to receive them ... and for positions to which you would never apply.

Crashing a lot


Crashes when I’m reviewing jobs

More and more skeptical!

Quilted Earlobe

What was once an excellent idea has turned sour. I hear of more and more companies who have demanded that employees submit positive reviews “or else,” a practice that destroys this platform. Now job seekers need to collect reviews from a variety of sources, compare for duplicates, consider repetitive bot-like language, etc. rather than trusting Glassdoor reviews. There’s always a greedy someone posed to ruin a good thing for the rest of us.

Great connections


I am pleased with the amount of positions that are being sent to my email and looking forward to finding placement that fits my needs.

Good App


Good app. Easy to maneuver around

Good stuff

sound like a challenge.$

Gotta key the mine working

Fast efficient and effective


Wealth of knowledge fast results and great resource for the career search


Sunny Beach Gal

Great info for comparisons, reviews and salary!

baby sis


Happy for you guys too baby