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Glassdoor Job Search is free iOS app published by Glassdoor, Inc.

Glass Door


Glass Door is as its name implies away to find the right job. They have many listings and loads of information to assist in your job search. I recommend it.

Hospt greeter


I like this site

Easy to use


I really find the app easy to use!

Okay app with one annoying feature


I found it to be a pretty useful app although I personal have found some stuff through Indeed that this site has missed or advertises after the Indeed site. The main thing I don't like here (and that's probably something that only annoys me) is that if I'm curious about an advertised position and click on it to find out more about it, I'm sent a notification and email prompting me to apply for it. Just because I look at it doesn't mean I need to be nagged into applying for it. A lot of times after I look at it, I find it doesn't fit my needs (like only being part time) or qualifications. I'm aware of it; I don't need an application mom bugging me about jobs I have determined don't fit my needs.


looking for the right one

Filter does not filter

Very well maintained

Pr0 P1tch3r

This site is very well maintained, and always has up to date jobs, organize the jobs in the proper aspect of qualifications of job description locations and pay amount

Too many emails


Waaay too many emails even when I change it to weekly it stills sends me 200 emails per day. Not worth it!

Love it!

Bri Rene

So many opportunities to find jobs and careers. Very helpful and self explanatory with the quality and setup of the app/website.



There are a lot of scams to watch out for. If you recieve an email asking to do an interview on Google hangouts, just AVOID at all costs. Its fake and a scam. And do not communicate with emailers with a gmail address rather than a company email address. Ive never found a job on Glassdoor. Indeed is way more legit. I dont really understand why Glassdoor allows so many scams.

Great way to learn about employers and jobs


This is a great app to learn about employers, jobs, salary ranges and to see reviews of employees past and present. Very helpful when trying to find a good match.