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Glassdoor Job Search is free iOS app published by Glassdoor, Inc.

Questioning the legitimacy


If you don't write a glowing review for certain companies they will not post. ??? I guess money can buy integrity as well. People rely on unbiased reviews. Many job posts are old.

Still no improvement


Decided to write a review and realized I had already written one with a 1 star rating. Well it still deserves the same 1 star rating. The app does not sync across devices, it does not accurately reflect the items you have already viewed and most annoying it asks for feedback and reviews way too often. I actually thought that was against Apply policy? It’s SPAM people. Knock it off. I rely on the Indeed App simply because this one is not up to par.

Stupid af


After filling out all my info it kept lagging and deleted all my info or just closing the app on its own 😤😡



literally all i wanted to do was look at a review of a company on safari and you made me download the app and it made even that complicated let me look at it on safari



Doesn't work at times and will freeze in the middle of searches

Too Many Review Rejections


They rejected every single one of my contributions even those that were live on the site at one time. This leads me to question the credibility of this site and the claims that they do not allow the companies to remove or alter reviews. Removing every single one of an individual’s contributions just screams that they’re trying to silence me. None of my reviews violated guidelines either. They need to learn the difference between an honest review and a true violation of terms. I’d like to thank Glassdoor for a colossal waste of my time for reviews they’re going to remove anyways just because they’re not all glowing praise.


Waste of time and money 1968

My email has been flooded with unrelated job openings. I have submitted a request to unsubscribe my email 3 times in the past 4 weeks yet they refuse.

Never works


Every time I open the app or I’m directed to it from my email, it always says they are working on it to try back in an hour. It has been days now. I’m sure once it works I can give a better rating. Also, they do email with jobs that have nothing to do with my job search and that is frustrating. I’m a Pharmacist and they send a ton of pharmacy technician jobs. A Pharm tech requires no schooling. I am a degree and a state license. Big difference.

Nice, emails are unwanted but a great app


The only way to get the inside scoop on jobs, thanks a bunch!

Clunky Mess


Website was great but app is very clunky. Too many pop up notifications, slow, and poorly organized. App prioritized interview questions under company info which is not nearly helpful as general interview process information. The information I wanted was needlessly buried in overly nested menus.