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Glassdoor Job Search is free iOS app published by Glassdoor, Inc.

Not as good


This is one of the worse apps I’ve used so far. Some of the people needing “assistance” or “personal assistant” are scams, and are late at getting in touch with people application and this guy asked me about assistant work and sent me a fake check then got all rude and nasty when I told him it was a scam. Do not trust this app


2019 job searcher

Love the app, however I am experiencing some issues with my locations.

Improvements for college students


As a college student looking for an internship, it would also be extremely helpful to be able to input school info, such as graduation year, major, and more, in order to see which jobs match best with you. Overall a great app.



Almost all their ads are fake. They spam your email. Robocall your cell phone. Stop using their services and put them all out of business!!!

Please fix

cassie long

Glassdoor is okay but when I go to choose a photo it won’t let me choose one or upload it. Please fix




Almost perfect

Angry Administrator

Great app but PLEASE add a Select All function to the Notifications list so one can quickly select all notifications and delete them instead of having to swipe each one and tap delete.

Problems Loading

Sheryl F

During a job search using my iPad, every other search takes forever to load or doesn’t seem to load at all. App is u predictable and slow.

Great Site!

Kat Con

Just wish salaries were provided.

Great! When it’s not glitching.


One of my top apps and go-to’s. But I recently had to delete it because no matter the updates it just kept glitching and closing out. I hope they fix the issue soon. Until then I’ll have to resort to using it via web.