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Glassdoor Job Search is free iOS app published by Glassdoor, Inc.

Missing pay rate


The only thing I’m REALLY missing, that use to be on here, is the estimated pay rate

The Most complete app


You can find here any information about jobs!

Key app to have in your job search


Glassdoor provides excellent information on companies, cultures, and compensation. It’s extremely informative and easy to use.

2 Thumbs Up

The lambda

Pretty solid app. I have all the options with me at all times. I check it every day for company and job updates. It helps me prepare for my next opportunity to grow myself.

Wrong information for wrong companies


You mix up reviews with the wrong organizations

Company rating filter doesn’t work


Title. I’ve reached out to support multiple time but all they say is they can’t duplicate. The filters work on every other medium (desktop, mobile) except for the app.

Forced to create account?


Baffling that I have to sign in yo an account just to view reviews-pretty obvious data grab and its obnoxious as hell.

Great App - False Notifications


I like this app. It seems very useful. I love the employee reviews. But it acts like there are new job notifications when there are none. I don’t like that, thus four stars instead of 5.

You just have to give it a chance

Admiral Steamer

This is the best app out I’ve found, for job/career seeking! I’ve been through indeed and a hand-full of other, this one rips them apart!

Filtering options just enough...


I appreciate that each company that has a job listed on Glassdoor is at least somewhat vetted. I'm a little more picky now and that helps me a lot!!