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Glassdoor Job Search is free iOS app published by Glassdoor, Inc.

Good App but...


I continually have to re-enter my specifications for the filters and I often get results that are way above my educational and experience level.

Good app, but filters don’t work


I’ve used this app successfully for a few years now and have not had an issue with it. It’s an effective app and I’d recommend; the comments below are merely suggestions and my point of view based on recent experience. Anyway, a few months ago, I noticed the filters don’t work in the following scenarios: -Location filtering within a saved search -Location filtering within a company’s jobs listing (more applicable for larger companies with thousands of listings) -Applying 2-3 filters in a job search (e.g. location, salary, and minimum rating) When filtering for location, the list results seemingly return at random and are consistently inaccurate. Moreover, I’m not sure if this is on the roadmap, but I think it’d be cool if the app used predictive analytics to suggest jobs based on browsing history and saved searches. Perhaps that’s coming down the line. In all, positive experience with some minor frustrations. Thanks for reading.

Would be great if you could filter more effectively


There are a lot of companies not affiliated through Glassdoor so they’re not posting opportunities there. But this app doesn’t allow much in the way of sorting and filtering your job searches. I love the app so far but it needs improvement.

Job Hunter


I don't look at a company for employment, without first checking it out work Glassdoor.

Very unhelpful


This is a scam. I’m trying to read something on the website and the only way is to login and then get this app. The app is slow and poorly thought up. Would not recommend don’t waste your time!

Good for job searching


Glassdoor gives great information on almost all companies and is a great research tool!

Love Glassdoor!


I’ve been using Glassdoor since early 2012 and it’s always been a great tool when searching for good companies. The one thing I wish I could change are the filtered views that don’t seem to work. Please let users filters out companies with less than a certain amount of stars. I know it says we can but the feature doesn’t actually work. Thanks!


Yoda my nick name is

I have been using this app for over a month and put a lot of time in applying for numerous jobs that I a most definitely qualified for and have not even received as much as an email from the companies I have applied for and certainly not a phone call!



So far I like it. It is very user friendly ☺️

Can’t access full answers to interview questions


I mainly got this app to prepare for an interview at a specific company, however if an answer to an interview question went long and had a “...” there’s no way to click on it to see the full answer and it’s extremely frustrating