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Glassdoor Job Search is free iOS app published by Glassdoor, Inc.

Good app


This app is very helpful when looking and applying for jobs. Functions well to only problem is I can’t see ceo reviews.

Honest review


I’m just a guy trying to become a flight attendant and I’ve used this as a tool to help me prepare. This has proven it worth; the reviews people put are real experiences and truly help.



The best! Ready? Set? Go! grab your new career with GlassDoor! ~Timothy~

There’s a glitch


I’m unable to go back to view my search results, after I click to view a job listing. Each time, I have to close down the app and initiate a new job search. This process becomes extremely tedious after awhile. Please fix the issue, thanks!!

Glassdoor app


I absolute love the simplicity of this app and the availability to tailor my search to what I am looking for.

Needs work.


I love the jobs I’ve had the opportunity to apply for. Unfortunately this app also sends you pathetic notifications regarding jobs you don’t even qualify for. Three for the spam, but otherwise a valuable asset.



Make the truck driver jobs a separate website/app

The Best Yet

Mr Reyno

Love This App, very user friendly....

The perfect app for job seekers, a 1 stop shop!

Heather MaMa of 2 kiddos

Glassdoor is an amazing tool for searching for a job. It gives you everything you need to stay prepared and informed of your job search. You can search for jobs and companies to stay informed of new opportunities, apply to jobs that are relevant, and you can research salaries and interviews to be prepared for the next conversation with a company during the interview process. Give the Glassdoor mobile team some serious kudos - they are doing some excellent work!



Wanted to check out market comparisons for the position I have in the company I currently work for. Rated Director Level position at ~$12.00 hr. ???? May need a database refresh.