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Glassdoor Job Search is free iOS app published by Glassdoor, Inc.

Just downloaded and already making me mad


I downloaded this app, because I did a preview of it on google search. Well I signed up to see more, and now it’s saying “problem setting up profile, check your internet connection” well I have perfect internet connection and it still isn’t working. If I can get this fixed and use it for a few then I’ll update my review.

Easy to navigate


Other than being stopped in mid search for a review, the ease of navigating the app is simple and direct.

Please fix bugs


I liked this app until it continuously crashes after multiple uninstalls and reinstalls. Beyond frustrated.

Searches for jobs in Atlanta GA


I put in the city where I live and no matter what I did the app kept giving me job openings in Atlanta GA. I do not want a job in Atlanta GA, and can’t turn off this search. Deleting & reinstalling the app, I listed my home town & the app keeps giving me jobs in Atlanta GA!



I cant edit my profile.

Job search status does not get updated


The job search status in profile preferences does not update and stays 'not looking' always.

Parameters a miss


I wish I could get jobs that are outlined in my profile instead of jobs that are in a different state or WAY outside my qualifications.

Awesome app

Ali Asap

Great place to get information on companies not included in company websites



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This app has so manny bugs I can’t believe it was deployed.