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Big things have small beginnings.
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Be a GIANT among heroes in this well-chiseled RPG! Featuring fast-paced gameplay and arcade-like action, this game might actually be too big and too fast for you to handle! Immerse yourself in this saga as you discover a world consumed by Giants. Recruit a team of the mightiest heroes, battle epic bosses, and live large in your very own customizable base!

Small heroes need not apply.

[Game Features]

Build an army
- Collect and train a squad of tiny but mighty heroes to fight along side and against the grandest of Giants
- Manage resources, build towers, and recruit Giants to build the greatest base in all the land

Unlock your full potential
- Enhance and upgrade exclusive abilities for each hero
- Collect and craft the strongest gear for additional stats and benefits

Intense gameplay
- Build up your Finisher Gauge during battle to unleash powerful Finisher Skills!
- Trigger the Fever Mode to get bonus rewards you most definitely deserve on your expedition!

Explore and conquer
- Every hero has unique quests to embark on. Make sure to discover them all!
- The vast world of Giants War can be discovered with the simple tap of a button.

** This game is available in 한국어, English, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體, Deutsch, Français
** There may be additional costs when trying to obtain certain items.

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Really fun, but need more events
Blood got your back

I like this game a lot, but I run out of gold wayyyyy to quick! Please add more options of getting gold besides Gems, and more events please. With these two updates I would 5 Star this game! It’s a lot of fun!

Not worth it

This game has so much potential but the company doesn’t seem to want to expand. You rarely get new champions, it cost 1000 gems ( 10 dollars )for a random roll that’s not too random. On 3 different rolls I got the same human archer. I only have 9 champions. The graphics aren’t bad or intense just average and man it will drain your battery. There is very little to do except roll on exploration. You don’t even get a daily log in reward, just some gold to do your exploring with. I do like that encounters can be ignored and come in color coded difficulty, with gray being weaker all the way to purple that will challenge you. Try it, but i say not worth my time.

Serious hooks and a great experience!

I’ve been playing this game non-stop for three weeks now and enjoying it profusely. The game mechanic is finely tuned and the implementation is very well done. Tons to do and you get plenty of bonuses and gifts to keep your five main heroes upgrading and evolving. Highly recommended! -WryFlyingEye


This game would be much much better if it was actually a new Baseball Superstars game.

Great game but....

It’s a great game to play, but what’s up with this 8 hour delay on playing?

I like this game. Hope you guys enjoy it too! Have Fun^^

You can play whenever you have time, doesn't have to be everyday. No dailies! No dailies! No dailies! Good! Relax and easy for everyone!

Good game but
Pyro Ingenuity

Relying on RNG to find enemies is extremely frustrating. No stamina though, so at least there’s that.


This game’s great. The tutorial is clear and you get the hang of the game early on. Soon after, you develop strategic knowledge of the game and, as it happens, you are given the capability to upgrade your heroes to higher and higher strength, meaning you can battle harder enemies and Giants. All in all, this game has me hooked.

Jeff Tompkins

I love how you can fight all you want as long as you have gold. Nothing that says like only 5 games or anything. Fights are very cheap as well. Definitely try it out!

Good game but...

It took you way to long to help preorder issue with being able to download game.