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Hi everyone, VPN GhostGuard is now available! The super unlimited proxy service for all of you guys. Surf privately and securely without limitations. Protect your online privacy with VPN GhostGuard proxy shield.
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Productivity Free FASTPOTATO PTE. LTD. iPhone, iPad, iPod

It is the best VPN for iPhone and iPad. Don't hesitate to try it now! 

-No charge, no account
VPN GhostGuard is completely without any charge. No account
registration is required.

-Fast VPN proxy service
Click the button to get a secure connection in a snap. We provide fast and reliable connections with the highest security level. Stream with a breakneck speed and unlimited proxy bandwidth.

-Global locations
There are multiple locations such as the United States, Germany, India, Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom, etc. No matter where you are, change locations to protect privacy. 

-Wi-Fi hotspot security
Provide the best online protection for your anonymous surfing. Protect all your online Internet privacy. Hide your real IP location, and no one can track your data. Especially when connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, it provides you the most advanced data encryption protection.

- No personal log
We guarantee the privacy of personal data. VPN GhostGuard never records, transmits, monitors, or exposes any logs of users’ personal data. We protect all users' privacy and do not keep log of your surfing activities.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions [email protected].
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. Than you.

It good so far . No issues



Love the free app!

There are a lot of apps that says free vpn on this App Store but they need monthly subscription and all but this is the best free legit app I have ever used!this app is great I hope the developers won’t add subscriptions and payments any time soon like proton vpn Peace out?

Very nice

It works really well, my only complaint is that the free version only lasts a certain amount of time. After it runs out you can just reconnect, so it’s not really a problem, just kind of annoying.


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE GHOST GUARD. I feel safe and protected using it!

Great app

Works perfectly most the time


best vpn

pure love
Super duper frbd

love is pure



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