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Ghost Communicator ~ A Paranormal Radar and Communicator EVP

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true Ghost Communication functionality.
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Entertainment Free Andrew Gronek iPhone, iPad, iPod

"…amazing creepy results and hours of fun..."
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Are you ready?
Turn off the lights and launch this app.

For the first time we've applied complex algorithms in an attempt to reach 'the other side'. This app takes inbound multiple readings then generates reciprocal signals and sends them out! The byproduct has to be seen to be believed.

What causes the results?
Could it be ghosts?

To use the app, place your left index finger over the pan & scan radar. Pay attention to the commands at the upper left. Review the back scatter noise on the middle-right side of screen. Then, wait for the red response.

This app is for entertainment purposes only. We do not guarantee paranormal activities that you detect using this app.


Is it real?

Is this a ouiji board? If it is I ain't using it, so that I turn to that girl from the exorcist.


I was in my room and everyone else was asleep and my dad coughed and it told me to be quiet then it said my name.I hope it's a fake


I was kinda bored with it thinking this was a stupid app but then we asked what the ghosts name was and it responded a name right away so that was freaky

Kind of scared

I'm and eleven year old on my moms account. I should know it's not real. But I'm shivering. I am exited too. Better watch some o2l after this lol.

I know it's meant for fun but.....

My grandfather passed away a while ago and I have been really devastated. So I got this app to talk to him. It really works! It said "photo album, look left" and to my left was my photo album! Then it said "customer" which was weird because I was at my moms business. I went up to the service counter and there was a customer! Then it said "Gregory". I asked the customer his name and he said Gregory! Later on in the evening, I used the app when I was sitting in my poppy's chair and it said chair, grandfather. I was so freaked out! Everyone, GET THIS APP NOW! 😱


Like seriously?! Who believes that this app is true?

This is app is so weird! 😱😖😭

I just downloaded this app a few minutes ago laying in my bed then all of the sudden in all red letters it said, 'album 'bed' and afterwards said, 'brain'! 😨 I'm so scared because what does this mean? Please don't tell me it's something bad! 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰


The app Said in red letters KILL. We were outside at night witch freaked me out...


All it did was it told me to kill Elisabeth quietly and before it said follow this step


I went to the bathroom and told my dad I was awake and decided to play this game. The first word that popped up was 'bathroom' and I figured.... That has to be a coincidence right? Cause I went to the bathroom only a few minutes ago. The next word was 'adult'. I got a little edge cause like 2 minutes ago I was talking to my dad and he is an adult. The last word I got was 'Elizabeth'. And that just so happens to be my middle name. I got scared at this point and excited out as quickly as I could. I'm 99.9% sure this works!