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Genius: Song Lyrics & More is free iOS app published by Genius Media Group Inc.

Great app, room for improvement


There should be an option for users to submit lyric fixes. Have a review process by creators/staff to correct some incorrect lyrics

Faster & better than Musixmatch


You don’t need a lyric app that makes you pay! I love Genius!



This app crashes more than I can use it. One of my favorites just became one of my worst. Smh.

Album Covers


There should be a way to see the alternate album covers and album cover annotations, as I think they’re important and shouldn’t be a desktop exclusive feature. Other than that the app doesn’t have any problems that come to mind. - KirbyKip251 (on Genius)



Helps explain the meaning of complicated songs

Idk if this is possible but


Please add a feature to search what song your device is listening to. Maybe as a pop up in the suggestions as “what you’re listening to”. If that’s not what they’re looking for, they can continue to type in the search bar as they usually would. I’ve been wanting this since I added the app. I love it.

An amazing that would be even more amazing with a widget.

Yousri Ahmed

The app and the service is brilliant…it’d be great however to have a widget that displays the lyrics of the played song without having to open the app and from the lock screen!

It’s ok


Every time I type in lyrics I’m not getting an immediate result but when I google it genius pops up first. Waste of time tbh. 2.5


JD Tha God

Okay usually I love Genius, but as of late the app isn’t recognizing the song I am currently listening to. So I have to go search for the song, taking precious seconds away from the song. I’ve been searching settings to turn this back on but I can’t find it anywhere. If this is fixed I’ll gladly change my rating to 5 star.

Love the app mostly...


The app is great, except for search, which is the most important part of this app. The search is terrible!! Just typed in “Name” and got a bunch of Young Thug songs without “Name” in the title?? It’s horrible and never recommends the actual right song. Get it together. Please. It’s a great app