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Genius: Song Lyrics & More is free iOS app published by Genius Media Group Inc.

No longer useful


Lyric content is great but the app no longer has a shortcut to what's playing and ads will take over device audio. Easier to just use the interwebs....

Good app, ads ruin it


I loved using the website and got the app so it’s more convenient but I get interrupted 5+ times by ads when I’m reading the meaning behind 1 song. Way too many ad interruptions, it completely ruins the experience.

Won’t show lyrics for now playing song


When music plays on Apple Music.

Song Stories


Song stories have ineffectively taken over the song description. What used to be a great overall description of a song, has now been reduced to a video that doesn’t always for correlate to the song. Song descriptions were great for finding out the background to the entirety of a song, it’s producer, and the thought process surrounding the song. Song stories have ruined Genius.

Song stories

courtney conley

I like the songs but I hate the song stories that stop me from listening to the music without interruptions I just want to listen to the music without it having to show me the freaking story every time it’s trash

Night Mode


Bring Night Mode to the app and it would be a 5 star.



App stops music when your scrolling lyrics to play ads. Frustrating.

Good app, terrible ads


Please get rid of these terrible video ads that constantly stop my music when I’m scrolling thru lyrics. It would be fine if it only happened once but it’s in between every verse.

Love it but one fatal flaw


for an app that’s all about reading lyrics to music, having ads that take control of my phones audio is really annoying. I hate when i’m looking at an annotation and my music fades out for seemingly no reason! what’s worse is that the ads don’t even play any sound or video which makes this infinitely more irritating somehow. PLEASE fix

Ads are pausing the music

Toads McGeese

The freaking ads on the lyrics and annotation pages are pausing the music! Why would you put video ads on a lyrics app knowing that people are likely using the app while listening to music?