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Genius: Song Lyrics & More is free iOS app published by Genius Media Group Inc.



The app won’t load and keeps saying that it has failed for me to log into my google account. None of the content has loaded and I have had this app for weeks. If this has happened to anyone please help me fix it.

Good for lyrics, crashes too much


Great app for finding lyrics. But, it crashes all the time, reacts really slowly and freezes up way too much. Sometimes when I have music playing on my phone, it’ll stop what I’m listening to. It’s got a good amount of glitches and problems, but aside from that is great.



Used to be really good but now it’s not useable, app is frozen or when you search lyrics nothing pops up at all. Fix this app

Stops background audio? Are you crazy?


App has been good in the past, but today it stopped my background audio every time I opened the lyrics for the song I was listening to, entirely defeating the purpose of the app.



I love this app it really makes me appreciate music more, and i love that i can get to know the artists jntentions behind the meaning of a song. the interface is easy to use and i love that i can even find songs from mixtapes on the app. BUT AND ITS A BIT BUT WHY CAN YOU COMMENT IN SONGS ANYMORE?! i definitely remember doing it in the past but now i can’t? what gives? great conversations would happen in the comments section and i really this this app benefits from that. please bring back comments EVERYONE will thank you later!🙏🏾

Can’t play music


Genius is a great app but one thing that’s getting on my nerves is the new Snapchat like stories. Especially if you’re trying to listen to a song like today I was trying to play Alright by Kendric Lamar and it would not let me. Instead it sent me to a story about trap music. Overall it is still a great app but I don’t like the new stories appearing on the song page. 4/5



I love the app because it provides great new insight on some the music which I would’ve never know which is really cool. I recently made the switch over to Spotify and I am trying to figure my way around. When I had Apple Music and I played a song and then I would open genius it would almost immediately suggest the lyrics to the song I was listening to which I loved. Because not all songs on Apple Music had lyrics and genius always did so that was really helpful. But what I don’t like is that when I’m listening to music on Spotify and want to look for the lyrics on genius and open the app it doesn’t suggest the song I’m currently listening to and so then I have to go and look it up. Now I know this isn’t a big problem but it gets really annoying after a while and I would really love it if you guys could do something about that.

Song Stories


I appreciate Song Stories as a new and more simplistic concept, but they’ve effectively replaced the song description and view counter.

Love the app


Can you make the app available as a widget on iOS devices

pisses me off


This app was doing fine, it was great, it was my go-to for lyrics, but now it's basically useless garbage, because every time I go to look at a song a worthless video ad plays and interrupts whatever song I have playing. Pretty effing stupid for an app literally about music to shut off my music. I'm deleting this until I hear there's been a fix, 'cause I can find lyrics anywhere else and I'm not gonna deal with this when I can use a site with normal ads that won't make me wanna break my phone.