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Genius: Song Lyrics & More is free iOS app published by Genius Media Group Inc.

Search is broken


For some reason search defaults to lyrics instead of song title. I imagine most people searching probably search for a song title rather than lyrics.

Pretty broken


Really needs some work, some notable glitches are the screen rotation within the system but not in the app, the search functionality should prioritize song names instead of what song says the phrase the most times, and the part at the bottom where the rest of the album is doesn't show up entirely upwards of 80% of the time. That's just scratching the surface

Love the app but not working properly


Won’t detect music playing anymore

No longer pulls up lyrics for a song playing in the Music app


That’s pretty much all I used this for, and somewhere in the last 6-12 months or so it stopped doing that, and I don’t see why in any changelog or configurable option. It used to automatically detect what was playing and ask if you wanted to see the lyrics. I’ve never changed any settings anywhere, so I’m assuming it’s either a bug or they silently removed the feature. I only used it for this, so it’s kind of useless now. It’s fairly laggy now also. I had tapped around trying to see what happened to the music detection thing, then moved onto other apps. A while later my music stopped playing and the red bar at the top for Genius came up, which was the music detection feature, because I guess I had clicked on that and forgotten. Unless something like this is relatively instantaneous it’s kind of useless as well, as oftentimes when you’re trying to figure out a song that’s playing you don’t have the 30 seconds or however long it takes for the app to load. And, clicking on the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pulls up nothing, so that’s a thing too. To create an account you need to have read and agree with the ToS, and for all I know it could contain a contract for signing over my first born child, or state that I’d be billed a convenient $99.99/mo for use of their services while allowing them full access to the mic and camera for data-mining. So yeah, I guess I don’t need this anymore.

Doesn’t detect music anymore

Breanna Monique

Shame. This app was near perfect before its most useful feature was removed

Search Engine Discriminates


When typing in names of songs, despite giving the exact title of a song it will automatically begin to list Rap, hip hop, or pop music unless you also type in the artists name. It has gone far enough that when I was typing a song in a foreign language, it spellchecked my search to push something completely different to me.

great app


I really only use this app every once in awhile to learn the lyrics for songs and what they mean but when I do you it there are great videos to show what the lyrics mean which makes this a overall great app!

Almost Perfect - The Best of It’s Kind


It serves its purpose flawlessly. Because I only use it for two things: (1.) to search for lyrics of a particular song (2.) to quickly see the lyrics of the song I am listening to I think all the other functions, regardless of how well they work, are useless to me. But I am grateful that the part I care about works very well and almost never fails. I have one complaint, two suggestions: 1.) I wish there was a tab or something within the app when you open it to see a list of the most recent song lyrics you’ve looked at 2.) a tan or something within the app of saved or favorite lyrics, so I wouldn’t have to research or re-listen to a certain song, just to remind myself of the lyrics. I recommend this app, it has served me well.



Can't view song bio with all the extra crap

It could be good, but it is a mess


The app constantly crashes it is slow and I can’t stand using Genius. At this point looking back, it is been three years and the app is still a piece of garbage. Three stars because the community is great but (I think we should move to another service)