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Genius: Song Lyrics & More is free iOS app published by Genius Media Group Inc.

Feels like a prototype

Chef Mao

First off, this app's got nearly nothing to offer in terms of the lyrics to the songs I listen to. Second of all, it wouldn't allow me to link up with my spotify on iphone, and it feels just like a prototype to use. Like dude, put some effort pls, this is not a useful app. I've spend 30 minutes trying to figure out what this app has to offer, and the result is "nothing".

Love it


Best app for music lovers

Pretty Good


My main complaint is that every single time I open up a song, it gives me an Apple Music prompt at the bottom that I have to close. Another complaint is that I still do not know how to add an annotation or if there even is an option to do that. Everything else about the app is excellent though. Good interface.

Not that great


When I first got the app, it worked. Muic I was listening to pulled right up. Now it doesn't. I'm not even sure how to find the song that's playing. The profile part of the app is trash also. Can't post a pic and the song lyrics with a picture is confusing as well. I'ma keep playing with it I guess๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฟ‍โ™‚๏ธ


๐Ÿ…ฑ๏ธoneless Water

Genius is an app I would’ve given 5 stars years ago but I rarely use it nowadays because most times I open the app my entire phone crashes.

Mobile App Is Lame


I love Genius, don’t get me wrong. The computer application is amazing! But the mobile app just underperforms in nearly every way. From something as simple as marking a message read to as fundamental as actually using the app to add or edit information, the app proves itself useless to the serious contributor. I wish they would create a full featured version of the app and then call this one “Genius Light” or maybe “B Student,” because it really doesn’t qualify for the top grade.



I showed this to my friend who listens to country and dabbles in Mac Miller and she was shook! LISTEN PEOPLE, there are annotations of lyrics from the artists themselves! My friend found a verse from Mac Miller that marked him interpreting the lyrics! It’s beautiful that original album thoughts are incorporated into this app, and you can connect with the music you listen to.

Its cool and all but the website takes less loading

inf boii

Whats the point trying to look at lyrics and the meaning if it wont load until im on a whole different part of the song , the website loads these things faster

Recent update destroyed everything


What the heck? I have updated and lost my authorization and the list of my recent songs as well!! Developers hello? It’s like to wipe entire application



I'm using the 6s n genius doesn't load images on description... is tha Fixxable or......

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