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Genius: Song Lyrics & More is free iOS app published by Genius Media Group Inc.

Wouldn’t recommend

King sq1rrel

This app tells you cool things about certain lyrics sure, but if you’re looking to use it to learn an entire song you’re out of luck. It shows one verse or the chorus if you’re lucky.

Thank You for Bringing Back Music Detection Feature on iPad but What About iPhone

Breanna Monique

It was a real inconvenience to look for lyrics manually while songs are playing in the background so bringing back the auto-detect feature is much appreciated... but it’s only on the iPad. Please fix

Lots of bugs


All kinds of bugs. Very slow and glitchy. The mobile site is much faster


Annahita hp


love it

Snatch at user

go to lyric app, forget google or youtube!!

It is awful 😡

Tac 0 cat

NEVER GET THIS APP! this app makes you sine up. I want a app that you just open the app and just get the lyrics!


Samar Stan

I understand this app has only been around since 2009; but it really needs to find a better way to pin point lyrics when the user tries to search them. There’s been countless times I’ve typed in a full sentence to a song, and absolutely none of the right references pop up, then I’ll head to Google and the first one is the one I’m referring to. They really need to get this under control because it can be really frustrating trying to find a single song or like just knowing a certain line or too and really trying to figure out which song it is. I understand you can record it to figure out, similar to Shazam, but I’m not always actually listening to it. I’ll just recall a line or two that stood out and I want to know what song it is. Otherwise it is a good app and the lyrics are most often than not accurate.

YO !


Yo Fam, Great App, But The Songs That Are Playing On My Phone Don’t Pop No More. I Have To Skip It Then Go Back To The Song In Order To Get The Now Playing Pop Up Thing. That’s A Vital Piece Of The App Rt. Squash Them Bugs, Good Looks. 👍🏽

App’s Bugged out


What’s up with this app? It’s now allowing me to look up different artist’s songs or nothing. Literally can’t navigate through the app at all. I think it’s time for a new update.

Bug in IPhone X or all phones not too sure !! Please fix guys


I love this app and been using for the longest time. And has great potential. My point is that on my old phone this app ran pretty well. Despite the great interface and smoothness of the app, the music player never loads my songs playing. I have to look them up. Pls get it fixed guys. 🤦🏽‍♂️🙏🏽